Do Ta Mi and Mo-Gun even have a relationship? They’ve spent as much time in limbo as they have together. And I get why, the issue they’re dealing with is heavy. But make a choice and stick to it 😒


    I felt Mo-Gun’s pain when he was said that if he lets go the relationship will end because Ta Mi is not as invested. But in all honesty, he knew this. She never pretended to be something she wasn’t, and he was pushing for the relationship from the beginning. I feel like Ta Mi has been as courteous as she could be under the circumstances.

    Cha Hyeon more decisive. She likes Ji Hwan, but she doesn’t want to enter a relationship for whatever reason. With her, there has never been any push and pull, just push. Ta Mi lacks that in her relationship.

    I’ve said it before, honestly I will riot if Ga Kyung and her husband don’t end up together, even if the two above couples end, they deserve their happy ending TOGETHER.


      LoL, I will also be in riot with you for Ga-kyung. She’s a terrible person (I only watched until episode 11, I don’t know if she will be redeemed later), but I still think she and her husband deserve their happiness. Her husband was right whe he said he and Ga-kyung have bonds that nobody will understand.


        They are both questionable people, and she hasn’t exactly been ‘redeemed’ by episode 13, but her relationship with her husband has made me want them to be happy together since the beginning. They’ve been hurt everywhere else in life, at least let them have each other 😃