Ta Mi!! 😭😭😭 I feel so sad for her, but this is so real. But my other pairing of Ga Kyung and husband are doing okay…? So at least there’s that..? I can’t believe she had to go through this again.


    Mo-Gun had to break up with her though. I was really getting annoyed at the on again off again, even though I understood where it was coming from. Ta Mi is such a sad character that is so realistic to me. She doesn’t want to be alone – I think she wants love as much as anyone else. It’s just that she wants it on different terms than social norms dictate, and it seems that so far she hasn’t been able to find someone who shares that perspective.

    We know she’s been through a relationship and a break up before for the marriage issue (Lee Dong Wook’s cameo), so even though she really loved Mo-Gun, she never could let go fully because she has seen this end before, and it’s hard to open yourself up to pain you know is coming.

    Mo-Gun said he was okay with her views, and I kind of wish she listened and just accepted that he meant what he said. But I think he would just wait for her mind to change – he would never really be okay with not getting married, and she knew that.

    So when she saw that there was a woman who loved Mo-Gun, and who was sweet and who wanted the same things he wanted in life, of course she would get sad and hesitate. Who is she to keep him from having happiness? She’s right though, in real life, love is not enough. And it’s hard and hurts for both of them, especially her. Being okay being single forever is one thing, but wanting love and a relationship and being unable to get it because you cannot find someone who shares your values is awful. You either stay lonely forever, or compromise your beliefs so that you can find love. Either way you end up unhappy.

    I really appreciate this show for exploring this issue. It really is a first in an Asian drama, and they’re all I watch so I’m really happy I got to see WWW.


      *clap clap* I have to agree.


      *nodding in agreement*


      I’ve been in a relationship like that. My view has always been very similar to Ta-mi’s. When my partner and I split up after >10 years, he said: I always thought you’d change your mind.

      I felt guilty. It did teach me that if you love somebody, you want them to be happy and fulfilled. And sometimes you have to accept that this won’t be with you.

      I hope that they stay apart – but they probably won’t because kdrama.


        Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience @cloggie! It must have been so hard to let go of that relationship.

        I actually share Mo-Gun’s views on marriage. But I relate to Ta Mi because my issue is that I don’t want kids. So I experience the same things she does, just with a different issue that is a societal norm for a woman especially. At first I was willing to compromise, but then I realized that would make me miserable. Any relationship that begins with the parties disagreeing on these issues is an uphill climb.