I didn’t get into WWW for the female empowerment specifically. I just thought the premise of the show was interesting. But I was so happy to see older women with careers who are competent and intelligently navigating the workplace. I had been in a Korean drama slump for so long before picking up this show. The last show I remember live watching was APAD, or Do Bong Soon? (which of those was first? 😂)

I especially appreciated Ta Mi’s character. I’m not nearly as ambitious in work as she is, but I resonated so much with her personal views. I was pleasantly surprised at the inclusion of her beliefs about marriage in the show, and I always appreciated the struggle that was her relationship with Mo-Gun – even though the back-and-forth was annoying at times.

I was satisfied with the way it all ended. Perhaps the biggest subversion of trope in this drama was that all the ‘leading’ men only existed in the plot to serve as romantic interests. I’ve often read criticisms of dramas that turn the female lead into a plot device for the male, stripping her of all personality and purpose. The men in this drama had both, but their main function was to serve as romantic interests, and I’m okay with that. The story was more about the workplace of the women than anything.

The only thing I wanted more of was background on Ta Mi. We learned a lot about Ga Kyung and Cha Hyeon, but nothing about Ta Mi’s background. I would have loved to have learned about how she was in the past, and what influenced her behaviour and decisions in the present.