Day 14

I rarely finish what I start, unless of course, it’s a wonderful drama 😅 As of writing, I have a 40% unfinished cross-stitch project, 35% 1000pcs jigsaw puzzle, 3 unfinished coursera courses, probably 20 dramas put on hold that I promised to come back to and a series of IG stories of how today went (wanted to make a day vlog sort of thing but now I’m not sure I want to finish it). Anyways, short story, I easily get distracted and don’t commit to tasks till the end.

But for some odd reason, which I still don’t know why, I wanted to start and finish Love, February. I’m not a good writer nor do I have anything interesting to share as what my entries tell 😅 but I wanted to challenge myself. This is not graded but I’m patting myself in the back for finishing this. I doubt I’d be able to do this again though.

Thank you for tolerating all my nonsense for the past two weeks, Beanies. As always, you’re all awesome!

Love, February