To Ye-Liners
Just how traumatized we were by the past dramas, that even though female lead was screaming “Long live Ye-line” since episode 2, we were thinking “my ship is definitely gonna sink”.


    Because he was so second lead material, heh.
    It still could sink you know, though that would mean Bo Young would end up alone and unhappy *traumatised for life*


      Honestly, at this point it is as possible as one of the leads dying, by that I mean that narrative wise it doesn’t make any sense. Bo Young liked one guy for 11 episodes, she likes and thinks about the second one as much as about Nam Woo.
      We would probably get an episode of angst but I doubt we have anything to worry about it.


        That’s what I meant with *traumatised for life* At this point it would take noble idiocy, Truck of Doom, cancer, amnesia, ex-girlfriend scandal reveal, or secret double personality disorder to separate those two. I hate misunderstandings and mini-break ups, so I hope the writer has a good plan for the next 4 episodes.


    I’m still worried. It’s ok. I’m on the island still. I’ll be prepared for potential heartbreak.