Beanie level: Wrongly accused fugitive

Thank you YT for recommending me this video
This’s so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun re-enacting their role in drama TMTETS and Missing You..

Of course YJG played dual role here.. that’s his speciality 😆

and Kim Soo Hyun’s reaction when Jin Goo said that famous line was on point (that’s exactly my reaction too 😂😂)
he looked really enjoyed it 😆


This is what YouTube recommended me…

a shirtless Jin Goo . . .


Yeo Jin Goo’s speciality part 2 : Crying at the bus stop 😭😭


Yeo Jin Goo’s speciality part 1 : Playing multiple characters/personalities in one drama


I’m obsessed with this song 😭❤️
Too bad.. they have no plan to release it ☹️ (can only enjoy it through YT)

And the lyric tho 💔
(Rough trans by @4seasonswithIU)
Our Happy Ending – IU

I hope our ending wouldn’t be sad
So that I wouldn’t cry when I think of this moment
Can’t it be like that?
One happy ending

If not, then please let it be such a great pain
That would leave a scar for me to remember you
I’m more than willing to be in that pain
Can you do that for me?

When I look at you who’s frail
I forget my lingering troubles for a moment
I want to be embraced by you once more like this
Rather than the fear that keeps getting bigger
Is this growing greediness of mine that couldn’t be held back
I miss you…
Who shines during the winter too

If not, then just remember me by this scene
And our night that’s so sad yet beautiful Full of flying petals…
Our happy ending



Circle season 2 ? 😆😆😆

*I will definitely miss Jang Man Wol’s IG updates when the drama is over :”)

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Yeo Jin Goo with glasses 😍

*He visited the set on his rest day


    I read a comment that Man Wol will kill CM for stealing Chan Sung (re interlocking fingers), I died🤣


I think this is the first time for me to see many unregistered beanies commented in section recap (re : HDL ep 9) ..

no? 😅🙈


    Well.. my conclusion for this matter is… HDL’s popularity is no joke 😅


      I’m enjoying HDL alot but it is making people a little spicy.


        I’m enjoying it too 😆

        They have a chemistry .. even though it’s not a same level of chemistry like Kim Jae Wook & Park Min Young in HPL

        But both YJG and IU look good (and cute) together… and that’s enough for me 😉

        I’m also glad that lolypip show up before it become too spicy 🙈


        i was going to say the same thing as i was just scrolling thru the comments under the recap. Haha!


      Popularity plus all of the possible interpretations of scenes and guesses about the future of the characters and … many have really become immersed in the story and want to discuss with others.


I live for this theory 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣




Falling for innocence or Heartless city ?


While watching Life on Mars,
Sometimes I feel Jung Kyung Ho’s voice is similiar to someone (another K-actor) but I can’t pinpoint who he is

And now I know!!! He reminded me of Nam Goong Min !!!

Not exactly the same, but I think their tone have similiar vibes (?) 🤔🤔

Aah still talking about actor’s voice
This is my first Go Ah Sung drama, is that her real voice? Or her acting for ms yoon? She is soft spoken, and sounds sweet
i swear I can watch ms yoon and han tae joo talk all day 😂😂😂


    I see what you mean! They have the same tone(?) but their voices themselves are different. It’s been a while since I last watched one of Go Ah Sung’s projects, but from what I remember her voice is gentle, not exactly like Ms. Yoon’s but nice to listen to.


      Yups their voice is different
      But for some part, the way they talk esp in calm manner/calm lines/serious lines sounds similiar
      Idk 😅😅😅


    Oh, that’s interesting. Now that you’ve said it, I hear it a little. Except I LOVE Jung Kyung-ho’s voice, and have an inexplicable dislike for Namgoong Min’s…


      Me too… I love Jung Kyung Ho’s voice, it sounds sweet to my ear ❤️

      For Nam Goong Min, his voice is more high pitch? Haha I’m not voice expert idk 🙈


Today I finished watching Life on Mars

This show really a good representation of “you can’t wait to watch the next episode, but at the same time, afraid with what will happen next”

I sincerely afraid with what the ep 15-16 will give me… so I wait until the very next day to completed it

Now I already finished it,
I’m speechless tbh, THIS IS A GREAT DRAMA FOR SURE
But I’m not sure if this is really a happy ending that I want
I get to see his smile but why my heart hurts?

(More thought in comment)


    Since ep 15, I’m pretty sure this is not time travel… it was really Taejoo’s coma dream and this opinion is supported by 2018 Chief Ahn Min Sik’s explanation

    at his first coma, he still have desire to live, to going back (to real life)
    and part of me thinking that’s because he’s not ready to leave his mom alone, and he need to know with his own eyes that Seohyun is safe and sound

    After he woke up, we learned that He don’t need to be worry about that anymore, and these two womans sincerely want him to be happy…
    It was like validation for what he will do afterwards..

    He jumps off from the building… so he can go back to his dream (1988) to save his friends

    with that he’s back to coma state (the conversation between him and his doctor showed that)

    And after successfully save the 1988 team,
    He still had chance to wake up again (that transfer note indicate that he could still be saved, he only needed to go back)

    But at the end.. he chose to tear up that transfer note, he chose to turn off the radio…
    He really had no desire to “return”
    He prefers to “live” in his happy dream rather than in real life
    it really shows how unhappy his life was before..
    and that fact makes me depressed

    I’m happy he can reunited with 1988 team, trully happy
    But with him “shutting down” his own life, that’s mean no hope.. An ending without hope is the thing I hate the most, because it makes me feel miserable… and the epilogue didn’t help at all

    Maybe the only theory that can ease my mind is he never been in coma state, he already dead since the very beginning (after being shot), and the 1988 journey is him in limbo, trying to let go what’s he leave behind, and finally make a peace and going to afterlife


      Comment was deleted


    Ahhhhh really need to get started on this. I downloaded it so I can watch with my Mom but we both got busy and never got to it.


      I hope you will fine the time soon 😆😆 highly recommended drama and perfect to binge watch




        I hope so too. We’re going into summer break soon so more hours for drama watching! I still work the summer but I won’t be doing my exhausting split shifts so crossing my fingers for this!


After binge watching Prison Playbook last week, I kinda addicted with Jung Kyung Ho ’s acting 😆😆
Especially his voice ♡
It sounds sweet in my ears 😝🙈

And his character as Joon Ho made him even sweeter, on top of that.. when he cursed, it still sounded good to my ears 😅😅😅

Thats why I decided to pick up his other drama, Life on Mars

And I never regret this decision!!! Life on Mars IS SO GOOD!!!! 🤩🤩 I can’t stop watching it!!! (Now at ep 7)
and thanks God I didn’t live-watching it, only get 2 episode per week will kill me for sure 🙈

My only complaint is I don’t really like his 1988 Tae Joo’s hair, prefer him with short hair, showing off his forehead 😍😍


Art piece
Made in 1987

Title : “Ryan Gold.”


Log in again only to put this lovely photo on my fan wall…


WTH that I watched??
#Trap ep 6

like Det. Go, I also have this question…
WHY?? Power? Position? This is really sickening 🤢

so his wife never really cheated him right? he just makes CEO Hong as scapegoat, so he can take his position later?
and the one who really did the gruesome thing to his kid is him? not the hunter? Oh God 😣

I think I need to watch Coffee friends now… to purify my mind and soul after this crazy drama


*contain TRAP’s spoiler*

it’s not a first time I see a twist in kdrama .. (a good one)
it’s also not the first time I caught off guard when the twist came up
but I dare to say that twist in Trap is a perfect twist!

the timing is perfect! on point!
ep 1 : even there was a little suspicion for KWH, but you brush it off

until ep 4 : CEO Hong and friends is the baddies

until ep 5,
when CEO Hong dead : ooh so the big boss is the spoiled rich kid

when the profiler lady found WH’s broken laptop : hmm what is this feeling…

when WH calmly watch the news : I have a bad feeling…

when the profiler lady came to WH’s house and said she interested with the interior (and until the “accident”) : oh no don’t say it… don’t say it

when the camera showed us about what it is in WH’s laptop : Oh Sh*t!!

and as if it doesn’t enough.. they gave us the final scene,
WH : “Was I that awkward?” and smile creepily
Me : DAMNIT!!!

and this feeling… the feeling being tricked, still lingering even after the episode ended… I couldn’t stop thinking about that… I tried to recall WTH that I watched… still mindblowing
The best episode so far!!


    the excitement does not lie in the twist per se (although the twist is brilliant).. but what makes it all so amazing is that since episode 1 you know something is coming, hell.. since the first 15 minutes you know something is up and is coming.. you also come up with your theories…and by ep4 you have probably made up 90% of your theory and can see it coming to screen..

    ep 5, you are sure.. it is just about to be spilled.. the “twist”..

    BUT THEN, the twist comes.. and you know you were being set up the entire time.. the twist came alright but definitely not the way you expected it.. NOT THIS.. NEVER THIS


      and just to really put things into perspective and genius of the writing,

      don’t think that people were coming up with “obvious” twists.. people had come up with interesting theories.. BUT NOONE came up with THIS


      yesss couldn’t agree more!!!

      no matter how many theories you have, you never think it will be like this!!
      imagine how psycho WH is to play a long game like this *shiver*

      but when you start looking back, everything is possible
      so many clues, weird behavior, even LSJ’s awkward act!! Oh gosh….

      btw I still waiting about the reveal of his wife
      I don’t mind if they want to give me another mindblowing twist


Had this urgency to log in again after watching TRAP eps 5

I need to say it aloud before I’m going crazy

TRAP really did THAT!!!
THAT thing really happened!!!
OMG OMG OMG!!!! *shiver* *speechless*


    oh God….
    at first I did have this suspicion but didn’t last long because OMG THEY TRICKED ME FOR 4 LONG EPISODES!!!
    So yesterday’s episode really caught me off guard
    for the last 10 minutes, I kept saying “no… don’t say it… andwae… no no NOOOOO!!!!”



Finally I have time to watch The Last Empress ep 15 & 16 with subs…

and here’s my thought
– yeaah Oh Sunny !!… words cannot describes how satisfied I am when she grabbed yura’s hair and thrown her 😈😈 Badass Sunny is da best
– All the slap that happened in this episode 👍🏻👍🏻 esp from Halbamama to Yura .. two slaps is not enough 😅🙈
– Wang shik ah… Sigh.. I will wait n see
– Orishin is Empress Sohyun’s father!!
– This show never failed to make me laugh and speechless.. first scene between the princess and wang shik 😂😂 idk why but that’s funny for me.. and when Halbamma throws her wig(?) and start to scold n kick the emperor.. I mean that was a serious scene but the way they filmed it is also hilarious for me 😅😅
– the intruder.. that was a CP/vincent lee right?
– Are you really killed Halbamama show??? 😭😭😭 my primary suspect is Yura, second close is queen dowager
– and Lee hyuk is really stupid .. before he controlled by his mom.. and now by Yura.. he thinks he is the one with the power, but he doesn’t realize Yura already manipulating him..
– next week episode will gonna be hard for Sunny ☹️ stay strong girl! 💪🏻