*contain TRAPโ€™s spoiler*

itโ€™s not a first time I see a twist in kdrama .. (a good one)
itโ€™s also not the first time I caught off guard when the twist came up
but I dare to say that twist in Trap is a perfect twist!

the timing is perfect! on point!
ep 1 : even there was a little suspicion for KWH, but you brush it off

until ep 4 : CEO Hong and friends is the baddies

until ep 5,
when CEO Hong dead : ooh so the big boss is the spoiled rich kid

when the profiler lady found WHโ€™s broken laptop : hmm what is this feeling…

when WH calmly watch the news : I have a bad feeling…

when the profiler lady came to WHโ€™s house and said she interested with the interior (and until the โ€œaccidentโ€) : oh no donโ€™t say it… donโ€™t say it

when the camera showed us about what it is in WHโ€™s laptop : Oh Sh*t!!

and as if it doesnโ€™t enough.. they gave us the final scene,
WH : โ€œWas I that awkward?โ€ and smile creepily
Me : DAMNIT!!!

and this feeling… the feeling being tricked, still lingering even after the episode ended… I couldnโ€™t stop thinking about that… I tried to recall WTH that I watched… still mindblowing
The best episode so far!!


    the excitement does not lie in the twist per se (although the twist is brilliant).. but what makes it all so amazing is that since episode 1 you know something is coming, hell.. since the first 15 minutes you know something is up and is coming.. you also come up with your theories…and by ep4 you have probably made up 90% of your theory and can see it coming to screen..

    ep 5, you are sure.. it is just about to be spilled.. the “twist”..

    BUT THEN, the twist comes.. and you know you were being set up the entire time.. the twist came alright but definitely not the way you expected it.. NOT THIS.. NEVER THIS


      and just to really put things into perspective and genius of the writing,

      don’t think that people were coming up with “obvious” twists.. people had come up with interesting theories.. BUT NOONE came up with THIS


      yesss couldnโ€™t agree more!!!

      no matter how many theories you have, you never think it will be like this!!
      imagine how psycho WH is to play a long game like this *shiver*

      but when you start looking back, everything is possible
      so many clues, weird behavior, even LSJโ€™s awkward act!! Oh gosh….

      btw I still waiting about the reveal of his wife
      I donโ€™t mind if they want to give me another mindblowing twist