After binge watching Prison Playbook last week, I kinda addicted with Jung Kyung Ho ’s acting 😆😆
Especially his voice ♡
It sounds sweet in my ears 😝🙈

And his character as Joon Ho made him even sweeter, on top of that.. when he cursed, it still sounded good to my ears 😅😅😅

Thats why I decided to pick up his other drama, Life on Mars

And I never regret this decision!!! Life on Mars IS SO GOOD!!!! 🤩🤩 I can’t stop watching it!!! (Now at ep 7)
and thanks God I didn’t live-watching it, only get 2 episode per week will kill me for sure 🙈

My only complaint is I don’t really like his 1988 Tae Joo’s hair, prefer him with short hair, showing off his forehead 😍😍