I’m obsessed with this song 😭❀️
Too bad.. they have no plan to release it ☹️ (can only enjoy it through YT)

And the lyric tho 💔
(Rough trans by @4seasonswithIU)
Our Happy Ending – IU

I hope our ending wouldn’t be sad
So that I wouldn’t cry when I think of this moment
Can’t it be like that?
One happy ending

If not, then please let it be such a great pain
That would leave a scar for me to remember you
I’m more than willing to be in that pain
Can you do that for me?

When I look at you who’s frail
I forget my lingering troubles for a moment
I want to be embraced by you once more like this
Rather than the fear that keeps getting bigger
Is this growing greediness of mine that couldn’t be held back
I miss you…
Who shines during the winter too

If not, then just remember me by this scene
And our night that’s so sad yet beautiful Full of flying petals…
Our happy ending