When I was a kid, love meant Shahrukh Khan.
He personified ROMANCE and now as an adult, I believe that he (and his movies) ruined my life by making me believe in an unreal idea of love which doesn’t really exist in this world.

Still, I love him. I love him for the nostalgia he gives me, for his past movies, for the witty brilliant man that he is off- screen, for his perseverance against all odds, for him being the last of the superstars of Bollywood.

His latest movie has become a blockbuster back home. And you know why? Because some right- wingers wanted to ban it & started a petition to block the movie from getting successful. The result? A tremendous outpouring of love & support for SRK, against the ruling right- wingers. This feels like a personal victory even though I am not even in the country & not gonna earn anything from the financial success of rich people lol. Cuz this feels like love won over hatred.

Goes to show how much this man meant for a whole generation. A man who is LOVE itself.

Love, February.


    With what excuse were they trying to ban the movie? Why? Shahrukh Khan is a legend. I’m confused.


      Lol the excuse was so stupid that I don’t even remember it clearly. But it was something about Deepika wearing an orange bikini/swimsuit while dancing sexily to “besharam rang” song which literally translated means “shameless colour” and orange is THE colour of Hinduism. So they basically tried to say that this movie is saying that Hindus are shameless 😂😂


    I recently watched Om Shanti Om (for the first time) and Devdas. He looks very sexy with a beard ♥