Rant coming : Stove league: it is miserably written…
Okay if you like it and don’t want to bother please move on to next post…
Salary negotiation part: it was horribly written.
Given that players have to apparently buy their own equipment, and then to evaluate them only on one seasons performance was such a good topic to be explored but the show just made a disaster out of it. This was a clear case of hero worshipping. Ian what ever the hero does, he is the one in the end to save the day all alone, just by revolting against the company. He doesn’t want any humanist on the negotiation table but he in the end will turn out be the one who cares the most about everyone. Come on show, when people fight for negotiation of salary in case they pay for many personal equipments and treatment, there is a good deal of money involved which has to be paid, if they were all super rich and could live with sub par money they wouldn’t even bother in first place.
The villian was their agent, who had no control over his own contract, what kind of agent was he is he did not put a backstop on negotiating without him? A pretty dumb one. You don’t make a hero smart by making villians super stupid who can’t even scheme well. Cutting away family support for players is also very big issue, players are also human and have family who will pay for it? How will they raise their kids?
Also the players who hired an agent must have a reason to do so than just they not liking the manager but in theend siding with him. If it was going to be this easy why even bother.
The only villian who was a bit on the smart side (only a bit) was the baseball player Lee gyu.
Every one else is so stupid that almost there is no conflict.
Then the case of hiring his own brother, that was like really really unprofessional. You have to disclose that information at the beginning of the interview not the end. And you for duck’s sake have to leave the interview panel. This is like 101 but since he is the hero we are supposed to look over it and then feel unfair when he was fired for this reason, i mean why?? They would have hired the brother any way without him and they could still have the conversation with the brother at home, ah but then the already useless female lead would be even more useless.
Great! Well down show. Was this a story of underdogs, apparently winning over dumb people. Nice!
And the hero even manages to fool other managers without any consequences and they are holy saints and don’t pull any underhand tricks on him, why? Don’t they know if he can trade a player or not? Don’t they do their own research, don’t they have brains?