SPOILER WARNING: Thoughts on SKY Castle after episode 18.

“Until when you will be obsessed with what people think of you?” is the highlight of episode 18 for me.


    I think Joon Sang made the best choice to resign and advise Seo Jin to make a choice whether to reveal the truth and keep their pride or keep being greedy instead of revealing it himself.

    It is annoying when Prof Cha demands Seung Hye to write 10 A4 pages apology letter with font 11, but she is wise to take it as her regret to think that broken people can be fixed and changed.

    Joon Sang’s mom and him are the only ones who are blind and crazy about position and status, but the former show her realization of what her son want when he said “Can I just be your son?” while the latter first reaction to the his wife’s letter is “Mid-term exams is just around the corner, so they can’t waste time even for a second”.

    As much as I dislike Seo Jin, I can see her inner conflicts, and hence she realizes about his husband’s advice that Yeo Suh and her life are different. Do Yeo Suh actually really want to get enrolled into SNU herself or she is no different from her dad’s conditioning? Do Seo Jin want her daughter to be admitted really because of Yeo Suh’s future or is it because of her greedy? Even if it is latter, she was groomed to become like that by Joon Sang and his mom, like what he said that they both have been living wrongly.

    That’s why this is the cliffhanger as she is handed with the mid-term exams paper, what is her choice? Will she choose to stop and cure this long-lasting cycle of disease in society from her family or to justify her situation as a victim and don’t think it is something worth to do? After all, she comes from so-called “low class” people, hence her choice is major arc of the story.

    Argh, counting days before next episode come. Also, it will be final week already!