Thoughts on Sung Rok and Eun Wood’s last ep: I braced myself for the departure of Sung Rok and Eun Woo on Master in the House with a generous slice of two-layer chocolate cake. What I got was a mini history lesson of the censorship in the 70s in S Korea from the perspective of master Lee Jang Hee. He was thrown in prison for the lyrics he wrote and sang as S Korea’s first folk songwriter/ Singer. Ask A Korean (well-known blogger) created an amazing and insightful list of the 100 most influential singers , and I can’t wait to check out his reference to Lee Jang Hee. Lee also mentioned there was a huge marijuana scandal back then which landed lots of people in prison, trying to silence the influence of and era in the midst of change. It was really fascinating to listen to his story and some comments from peers back in the day.
It was a nostalgic setting filled with true friendship through tumultuous times that made saying farewell to Sung Rok and Eun Woo so moving. I loved them both on the show. Not being much of a water person, I thought those rubber canoes looked scary on the waves. The cranberry, cinnamon, and walnut bread made by Master Lee looked simply delish! It was heartwarming to see them so happy as they sat around and talked on the deck. Making memories. Letters. The time capsule. Promising not to cry, but shedding a tear all the same. “Awesome Cha Eun Woo” – I think you’ve matured and are more three-dimensional because of MitH. See you in 21 years on Ulleung Island ❤️
P.S. I can totally see Bakgoon on MotH, he is the variety shows’ popular sweetheart these days. Was that a preview hint?