Beegie Adair: “The Days of Wine and Roses”

Thanks for ID’ing this piece from the cocktail party, @bbstl!


    Did they use this actual version? How did you find it? I assumed it was a live performance in the room.



      I posted the closest-sounding instrumental jazz piano version of “Days of Wine and Roses” I could find. Beegie Adair’s sidemen are playing the same instruments as the band in QSS. They have a nice, smooth sound.

      I, too, assumed the band played live, and even tried to track down a Korean jazz trio with a female pianist circa 2007. To no avail. Maybe they were session musicians. Or members of an MBC house band. They segued into another number, and then a recorded track was mixed in over them towards the end of the scene.

      I did turn up a Korean jazz pianist, but she’s in Boston. The notes mention Keith Jarrett. He was influenced by one of my fave jazz pianists, the late John Coates, Jr., who held forth for half a century at The Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. (Jarrett actually played drums with him for a couple of years before switching to piano himself.) I only got to hear him play live once, but I loved his recordings in the library at my college’s FM radio station. “Rainbow Road” and “In the Open Spaces” are two of the album titles that come to mind. (If you ever drove through the Delaware Water Gap or across the rolling farmland of the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsy, you’d know what kind of open spaces he’s referring to.) He recorded on a tiny label, so I haven’t heard either of those LPs in 30+ years. He made a splash in Japanese jazz circles in his later years. I think I’m hearing echoes of Coates in Hey Rim Jeon’s improvisation. Very nice.

      Hey Rim Jeon – Korean Professional Jazz Pianist

      In your choral career, @bbstl, you may have encountered arrangements by John Coates, Jr. He worked for Fred Waring’s music publishing house. Omnisound was the name of the label that issued Coates’s recordings on vinyl, and was a division of the famed band leader’s enterprises. (He also was instrumental in bringing the Waring Blendor to market.)

      Local jazz pianist John Coates Jr. dies at 79

      I recall reading that at the age of 73, Coates reconnected with the wife he split from when he was 24, and they remarried. Touring took a toll on their marriage, IIRC. It sounds like a plot from a Kdrama.

      John Coates, Jr.: “Prologue (No. 39)” (Alone and Alive at the Deer Head Inn LP, 1977)


        Oooh, John Coates is wonderful. One of my best friends grew up in Port Jervis, NY and I’ll bet her parents went to hear him all the time at The Deer Head Inn. I remember singing Waring arrangements, sure (and that he was the blender guy).

        When I heard the first measure or two of Beegie Adair, I thought it was headed toward becoming Vince Guaraldi 😁


          I’m so glad you know John Coates, Jr. — he’s fabulous. What a small world that you have a friend from Port Jervis. One of mine is from near there on the Pennsy side. 😉

          As for Vince Guaraldi, I’m embarrassed to say that this is about all I know from him:

          Vince Guaraldi Trio: “Linus and Lucy”