Did a whole lot of bingeing and finished A Love So Beautiful.

I have a whole lot of thoughts (spoilers beware).


    It was really cute! I really like stories about friends growing up together, and it has that lifelong friends-to-lovers trope that I adore. I shipped Xiaoxi and Bosong really hard early on, but I lost a lot of enthusiasm for the couple when Bosong didn’t back off after Xiaoxi made it clear she wasn’t interested and that his actions were making her uncomfortable.

    I came around to Jiang Chen a little, but I’m still not super on board. Also I’m still really mad about both kisses while they were broken up. The first time he made her think he was cheating on his girlfriend with her, the second he was treating her for a head injury not even an hour after she told him she didn’t want to get back together!

    I love Xiaoxi and Jingxiao, both as individual characters and as friends. I wish I’d had a best friend like Jingxiao when I was a teenager. I love how open and direct Xiaoxi is. I also really liked seeing her reunite with Li Wei at the wedding, that was such a sweet moment.


      Those are my exact thoughts on all the characters. Bosung seesaw-ed between intuitiveness and obtuseness.

      I didn’t feel the romance on Jiang Chen’s side either, at least not until episode 22 and episode 23. All the cute was completely one sided.

      The friendship of the two couples was very cute, but I felt Bosung was often pushed to the side in their friendship. Jingxiao had a very big sister/motherly vibe in her friendship with Xiaoxi which I appreciated.