Ahh it seems like I missed the island party,
So I’ll just make a POETRY SLAM ENTRY
At the event by the wonderful @wishfultoki

See you later Alligator
(A post APAD ep10 Feels comment-ary)

I did not see coming, that sinking of my OTP.
Many will agree it was a great tragedy.
Sadly, I wondered how to say “Farewell to thee”.
So I decided to write my own poetry.
I called it “An Ode to Ageo-sshi”
And this is how it went-
“Ageo was born to be wild and free,
But the threads of fate held her to a plain white tee.
There a decade, nurtured and nestled by a warm heart, she spent.
So it was not without regret she returned home, to the sea”

Now I know this is rubbish, I can’t seem to put it eloquently,
Could remember no rules other than the rhyming, apparently.
But my heart hurts and my vision is blurry.
So for all of this beanies, please excuse me.

(Oh God why am I here?!.. I have exams I should go study!!)