Vincenzo: I knew it was coming but that reveal w Taec was delicious!! I cant wait to see more of Villain Taec.

some random thoughts on the last 30mins of ep 4 (which i just saw / i’ve honestly forgotten my thoughts on what i saw last night)
– i guess the security at Babel is really lax, so easy to just spread the accelerant All Over the Place and cut off the sprinkler system. But they did label the RDU stuff w plain old marker pen so can’t expect much i guess 😂
– The emergency service is crap, i mean the Chairman arrived 1st from god knows where.
– Feels like None of them are being subtle n discreet about their crimes


    Oh i wanted to say i was really happy when Vincenzo stood up to the Geumga residents! They were being very rude n entitled, like the guy has no obligation to help but he is, he Just got out of hospital and the whole lot just grilled him instead of letting him rest. The plaza obvs not doing well but the tenants aren’t exactly helping themselves by hanging out gossiping w each other.


    I just love how absurd everything is, and even being so absurd I’m having so much fun!
    And what about uri Taec being the real baddie?
    That last scene gave me some good vibes… has he improved his acting skills (we love him, but let’s admit that he can’t act…).
    I will miss goofy intern, but I’m all ready for the crazy CEO.
    I just wonder where does this leave KDY… I feel his character may be a wasted opportunity as he’s such a talented actor.