Since I can’t seem to use words beyond awesome/amazing/interesting/daebak to describe a movie, here’s a better review.

Midnight. It was awesome. Watch it.


    Added to to-watch list, thanks!


      Went to mydramalist and checked Wi Ha Joon’s page and, wow, guy’s been busy! Like, he’s support actor in loads of dramas (I watched 4, without even trying) and several movies too (sorry, Hajoonie, I didn’t notice you in Coin Locker Girl nor in Anarchist from Colony, I promise to pay closer attention to you from now on – loved both films, though! 😙) It looks like he’s getting main roles in his next two dramas, so cheers to WHJ’s rising star!


    its nice but it could be shorter..
    after a while things start repeating and it gets boring..

    bit shorter, bit tighter this would have been awesome

    concept is good.. and lack of sound but solid thrills.. director pulled that off really well

    For serial killer.. he is good..but i won’t say it is flawless acting. FL on the other hand definitely is good. She is really underappreciated in dramaland

    the sister – FL of EO.. nothing much for her to do so no magic there