Right on time for March’s premieres, I finished up the dramas I was watching and even snuck in a movie in there as well in these past two weeks. I’m ready to go drama shopping now😁!


    Maybe it’s because I haven’t been feeling good physically or mentally in these past two weeks, so I’m kind of vulnerable, but I really loved all the dramas I watched and can’t seem to see any faults with them. They’ve kept me entertained and honestly that’s all I kind of needed then and now. Not to many spoilers ahead, but still…
    ♥️Crash Landing On You was the first one I finished. Even though Netflix was quick to upload the same day, I always got to the really long episodes until Tuesday or Thursday of that week. However, for the finale, I made sure to watch them on their respective dates as I wanted to avoid spoilers. I really enjoyed it and thought that the ending was fitting. The cinematography was great and the leads had all types of chemistry, with a great supporting cast as well. And Hyun-binssi was so charming, I just had to put that out there😁. Out of all the big dramas I’ve seen that can be compared to it, I think this is the one I enjoyed the most!
    ♥️Someday Or One Day: I haven’t really watched many Taiwanese dramas, but if there are more of them like this out there, then I need to find them because this drama was so good! I love a good time travel story. The way plots get resolved and the way the storyline loops always gets me excited. I really looked forward to this ending and I found it satisfying. I totally don’t have “Last Dance” stuck in head at all, nope.
    ♥️Live Up To Your Name: Back in 2017 when this drama aired, I was watching sooo many dramas that I don’t know how I missed this one. Thanks to Netflix, I decided to watch it alongside my other live dramas and I loved it. Remember how I said I like time travel! I really liked the use of medicine in this drama and how both leads grew to be worthy of their name in a natural kind of way. They were also so cute together!


      ⭐️My Holo Love: I saw some reviews and most said it was okay, so I decided to give it a chance. I loved the condensed episode count since it gave way for binging, hehe. It was interesting enough that I kept hitting play to the next episode and call me drama blind, but man did I miss all the tropes that were hitting me in the face like a ton of bricks. I must’ve of been really out of it because I didn’t pay much attention to them and just kept enjoying the progression. I really liked it, not knocking down dramas of my favorites list, but I liked it well enough.
      ⭐️Kim Ji-young, Born 1982: This is a movie that most women can relate to. The pressure that comes with being a woman is portrayed well. This was probably not the best movie to watch in my condition though, since I was very sensitive that week to some similar things portrayed in the movie, but still important. Mental health is important. We all have our own pressures and we all deal with them differently, but we should reach out for help if we need it.