Day 30-May Drama Challenge: Recently Finished Drama

Hospital Playlist❤️

Like many other Beanies here, I loved it! It might be slow and there might be too many characters whose names I still don’t know, but it’s comforting to watch. The cast was amazing! I want to tune in every week and see what has been happening in the lives of these five friends. I cried alongside their stories and I’m still rooting for them, wherever their lives take them. I looked forward to their song of the week, lol. I want all three seasons now, bloated episodes and all! I can’t wait to see it again.

*I soooo wanted to join this drama challenge from Day 1, but some emergencies and life got in the way:( Still, I did it for fun in the reply, if only for me:)*


    *I am a very indecisive person, so I tried to pick only one drama for each day. It was so hard because some of my favorites didn’t make the final cut 🙁 I tried not to spoil a lot, but still…beware, lol*

    30 Day Drama Challenge
    Favorite KDrama
    -Healer! It has action, drama, mystery, comedy, romance. All of my favorite things!! It was the first kdrama that made my favorite tv shows list of all time. It was also the drama that firmly sucked me into this craziness that is dramaland!
    Favorite CDrama
    -I haven’t watched many, but I really enjoyed When We Were Young. As for Taiwanese dramas, which I watched even less of, it has to be Someday, Or One Day! I love time travel and this drama did it so well!
    Favorite JDrama
    -Whenever I venture out of my kdrama bubble, I have a forgiving heart towards the dramas I watch. Something I wouldn’t like in a kdrama is bearable elsewhere. I haven’t ventured much into Jdramas, but I really enjoyed watching Love Lasts Forever. The bubbly girl and the tsundere worked for me here alongside ALL the cliches, only because I really liked his confession where he listed the reasons he liked her, which was new to me since guys like him usually stay quiet until the end.
    First Drama Ever Watched
    -Descendants of the Sun. Netflix promoted it to me this one day when I needed something to get me through the first week of school. I pressed play and here I am four years later:)
    Favorite Male Lead
    -Yong-shik from When The Camellia Blooms! Aside from the fact that he is played by Kang Ha-neul, Yong-shik is such a great male lead. His love for Dong-baek was so cute and aside from being manly, he was able to show his feelings. He was such a gentleman, too. Ahhhh, is there a Yong-shik out there for me?
    Favorite Female Lead
    -Song-hwa from Hospital Playlist! She is just like the best person ever. She is smart and kind and a good friend. She is a comforter and notices all the people around her. I am glad we get to see more of her and I hope that if romance is the question for her, that she gets only the best partner.
    Best OTP
    -Gang-doo and Moon-soo from Just Between Lovers! I really love this pair. They are both so hurt, yet have so much love to give. Who better to give that love to then to each other!
    Worst NOTP
    -When watching less than great dramas, I am always like, “To each their own”, but in this case I will say: Jun-pyo and Jan-di from Boys Over Flowers. Girl, why?
    Favorite Secondary Couple
    -There are too many out there so I will go with my first favorite secondary couple: Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myung-joo from DoTS. I thought that the drama should’ve been about them, since they had a better source of conflict as to their relationship.


      Best Kiss
      -Guyssss, I’m a shy Beanie, hehe. But for real, I think really good hugs give me more butterflies than kisses. Still…I guess I will give it to Taek and Deok-sun‘s kiss in Reply 1988. I was like Bo-gummy can kiss (haha, says the real innocent girl, right😁).
      Worst Kiss
      -And now for the worst kiss…I guess it will be the one in Another Oh Hae-young.
      I really liked this drama, but I watched it with my mom. So, it was a little awkward to watch that kiss against the wall when they were fighting. It might’ve been “hot”, but they didn’t really talk things out and it was more the heat of the moment, lol.
      Drama That You Can Watch Over and Over
      -30, But 17! I really connected a lot with this drama. I, too, feel like I’m stuck at a certain age, but I know that it will get better soon, I am only in my intermission. My crescendo is also out there somewhere too, right?!
      Overrated Drama
      -I don’t think I’ve seen it a lot here in DB, but elsewhere I’ve seen the praises of Hwarang and I’m like ?… Did we see the same drama? I love PSJ dramas and PHS made a good impression and leap to male lead, but aside from a couple of things the drama did right, the “what could have been” is too big.
      Underrated Drama
      -A Moment at Eighteen! This is just me trying to show my love for this drama. I usually don’t watch a lot of high school dramas, but I really think this one is worth it!
      Best Drama Villain
      -King Yeon Sang-un from Seven Day Queen. He was such a complex character that you were rooting for him at one point, even though you knew the name of the drama was going to come true.
      Worst Drama Villain
      -The guy whose name I can’t remember or bother to look up from King2Hearts. I never fast forward, but I fast forwarded all of his parts!
      Drama That Deserves a S2
      -Vagabond. I’m like the one other person that enjoyed Vagabond. I love to unwind to action and adventure movies that have little to no plot with just lots of running around. Which basically this drama is, so right up my alley. Plus, Lee Seung-gi so maybe a little (or a lot) better. They left us hanging though, I want answers!
      Drama with SLS
      -I am usually okay with the main couple because that’s the story and I usually ship second leads with myself haha (*I am normal* I whisper to myself). But Kim Shin-hyuk from She Was Pretty was the first drama where I was like, but what about him…He should get some love too!
      Drama with Squad Goals
      -Be Melodramatic. These three girls and this guy were such good friends and a good source of support to each other. They watched dramas together and were able to work together, too. They also talked about the hard stuff, but also found time to goof around. I want a group of friends like this!


        Drama That Made You Cry
        -Just Between Lovers. I am a personal cryer where I cry only about my own personal issues and it is quite uncommon for me to cry about on-screen things, but I was a blubbering mess during this drama. Maybe it was my state of being at that time though. The part that hit me the most was when Moon-soo thought her mother drowned because her mom is a heavy drinker with depression. It’s hard to see the people you love struggle with something and you can’t do much to help them.
        Drama That Made You Laugh
        -Woohoo Waikiki! I cackled so hard with this drama so many times because of how funny and ridiculous the situations they got themselves into were. Qwenchana, Qwenchana!
        Drama with The Best Ending
        -My Ajusshi! This is the most satisfied I’ve ever been with a drama ending! After everything they have been through to find each other being genuinely happy or at least content and be able to exchange true meaningful smiles. Wow, love it!
        Drama with a Terrible Ending
        -In most recent memories, Where Stars Land. What in the actual heck?!!
        Best Drama OST
        -DoTS. Okay, DoTS is not the best drama out there, but since it was my first kdrama, it holds a special place in my heart. It also has, in my opinion, a very good soundtrack. In my complete ignorance of the Korean language, I found myself enjoying this drama and singing along to the music (mostly the English words, hehe) to a language I was first having the chance to truly experience. And with people like Gummy, Davichi, Lyn, Yoon Mirae, Chen, Punch, Kim Na Young, SG Wannabe, and others who are now familiar to my ears, it has become easier to spot their OSTs to other dramas as well.
        Best Drama Family
        -Reply 1988! I really loved all the families in ‘88 and the extended family they all created together. The father-daughter moments got me in the feels and they also had a good relationship with their mother as well. I remember feeling a little emotional when the drama was over. My childhood had passed too and I had outgrown my childhood friends, for a moment there I wished to go back and then I snapped out of it, haha.
        Best Drama Bromance
        -Goblin. Goblin and Grim Reaper had such good chemistry and banter. They were hilarious together and though they had a tragic past together, it was still an interesting part of the story.
        Drama Cliche You Never Tire Of
        -I love me a good “friends to lovers” drama! That’s really the dream for me. To have a friend I can trust so much that I would be willing to trust him with my heart as well.
        Drama Cliche You Can’t Stand
        -Time Skips!! I hate time skips so much. Some are understandable, but time skips where the female or male lead have to leave for long periods of time so they sometimes break up, but then they suddenly show up because they just couldn’t stand being apart from them even though they could’ve called, or texted, or emailed, or facetimed…What if the person is having a bad day and can’t deal with you just suddenly showing up?!!


          Best Drama Confession
          -I’m Not A Robot! I love this drama! I especially love how they spent a whole 30 min episode to show that she was explaining to him everything of what she did to make things right as best as possible. Then he walks away and she confesses that she needs him and he just looks at her and forgets about his fear of contact with humans. I love double confessions!
          Recently Finished Drama
          -Hospital Playlist❤️


      Your answers are spot on! I have seen 90% of the dramas you’ve mentioned and I agree! ❤️


    You, my friend, have good taste! I really enjoyed reading all your answers. I love how we described that same scene in INAR but for different categories. That episode was so great, right?!


      Thank you😊 I was reading your responses and thinking wow it’s almost the same to me! I love that episode!!