Day21: Freestyle

New Drama Watching Experience:
My dad watched his first drama with me this year. He was never a big TV watcher, but I taught him how to work the remote and now he watches more TV than any one of us in our house. He has also been wanting to spend time with me, which means we watch a lot of TV and movies together. I told him that I wasn’t interested in watching any long season shows, which is why I switched to dramas, so he said he would give a drama a try. Since he can’t really read well, and only knows Spanish, I decided to watch a drama with him that I had already seen so I could explain it to him. We watched Signal and he really enjoyed it. Watching a drama with my dad was nice because I know he watched it to spend time with me and also he was so into the drama. He kept wanting to see it, but it would take a while because I was always so busy. Now, he picked a drama on his own that we are now watching together. Is this the start of a new drama fan?!😄