Favorite JDrama
I watched like four jdramas this year and out of those four, I think that Love Lasts Forever was the most enjoyable one. It has the tsundere whom you learn to like and the candy that works hard in her job and to get the love of the tsundere. The main reason I liked it was because *spoiler* of our tsundere’s love confession. In dramas like this, the guy or girl just fall in love, but we never get to know why, so I like that this drama showed us*end of spoiler*. The drama also had this catchy song at the end of the episodes that always hyped things up, which I guess made me want to watch more of it, lol.


    Official HIGE DANdism’s I Love… is my happy pill song. The drama introduced me to it and Takeru Satoh introduced me to the drama. That boy can do no wrong😍


      I play it to hype myself up and randomly dance around the house!😂