Happy New Year Beanies!!
I want to wish you all the very best in the year to come. That you and your family stay in good health and that you are closer to making your dreams come true!!
Take care Beanies!!🎉


    I just wanted to point out, more to myself, that this is the first time that I have consistently posted in the Fan wall. Thirty one days to be exact!! I can’t believe it because usually I give up in posting my thoughts, but this was a personal challenge. I actually started the #2020Roundup while I was in isolation due to covid. I don’t know how, but I got it and stayed in my room for the 10 days of isolation as to not get my parents and siblings sick. It was incredibly lonely, I knew I was lonely, but I didn’t know I was that lonely. I love dramas because they are fun, entertaining, and distracting. But, do you ever get disillusioned by your life that even dramas you love seem to be outlandish. I don’t think I am there yet because I caught it early and started doing other things to entertain myself. For selfish reasons, I want covid to be over, so I can do more things outside my home and so I can really enjoy my dramas to the max. Realistically, I want covid to be over because I was very blessed to be a mild case. Worldwide suffering hurts. It would be nice if we could all heal together!