I am a little jealous of my dad these days. He really got into watching TV during the pandemic. He told me he got bored of the Netflix recommendations and told me to recommend something good to him. I said, “Good? Watch a drama then” lol. We had already watched Signal, Kingdom, Squid Game, Sweet Home, D.P., and Vincenzo together, but I’ve been really busy lately that I haven’t had time to sit down to watch something with him. He was hesitant at first, but he is having fun watching them. I think he has watched more than I have this year!


    These are some of the dramas he has watched:
    -Juvenile Justice: I haven’t watched it, but he said it was okay. He said it was slow at first, but once he got into it, he enjoyed it. He liked the main actress and her sidekick.
    -My Name (twice): He’s watched this twice already because he was so bored and wanted something in the background. He likes action and apparently this drama had some good action. He wants another season or another similar show to this.
    -Move To Heaven: I’m pretty sure all he liked were the fighting scenes, lol. To be honest, I don’t think he truly understands Autism and the spectrum, so he was kind of confused.
    -Vagabond: He truly is my father because he really liked Vagabond. This was the first drama he found on his own. I told him he would enjoy it, and left it at. He did enjoy it and, like myself, was pissed at the ending. He is still hoping for a second season. I, on the other hand gave up already.
    -The King’s Affection: This one surprised me because I thought he was going to drop it after an episode or two, but he kept watching until the end and enjoyed it. I haven’t seen it and when I would stop and watch it for a while, I wasn’t surprised when he fast-forwarded the lovey scenes. No wonder he finished it, all he wanted was the action scenes, lol.
    -The Silent Sea: This is the last drama we watched together. I personally like sci-fi, so I thought this was a good drama to watch with my dad. It was a good one to watch together because it was interesting and quick. He is not really a sci-fi person, but tolerates it enough to watch some of it with me.
    -Mr. Sunshine: He is currently watching it after The King’s Affection. I am not sure he is understanding the time period it is set in, but I can see that he is liking it. I haven’t seen it yet, so maybe I will wait on his recommendation.
    -Vincenzo (again): Everytime he finishes a drama I ask him what rank that drama falls into, you know A tier or B tier or even your top 5. I don’t think he knows any of the drama names or how to begin organizing them, but when I ask him which one is his favorite, I don’t finish the question when he answers Vincenzo. He really loves this drama!


      See whether he likes Hellbound if he can stand the gore in Sweet Home but the 2-part structure may be confusing.


    He’s like my dad. 😂 Though I’m quite surprised that my dad also enjoyed watching Hotel del Luna. Has your das seen the following? He might like these also.

    Bad Guys
    Beyond Evil
    Designated Survivor
    Mad Dog
    Save Me


      I haven’t even watched Hotel de Luna yet! But maybe my dad will like it too😁
      Love your recs! Personally, I wish he could see Beyond Evil and The Good Detective because I know he will like them. However, he can’t read very well so he watches them dubbed in Spanish. I am not a huge fan of dubs, but since my thoughts are in English, Spanish dubs don’t seem that horrible to me now lol.


    He might also like Fiery Priest. A lot of action scenes plus same writer as Vincenzo.