Time for a Mid-Year Drama Roundup!
I thought I hadn’t watched many dramas so far because at the beginning of the year I wasn’t watching anything at all. But looking at my list, I averaged 3 dramas each month! I really like my list so far because it’s all been things I’ve enjoyed. I also dropped a drama and that doesn’t really happen. I usually push through just out of curiosity, but this time I think I’m okay. Progress, yay! My list in the reply.


    June 2024

    My rating system:

    ♥️ = Love!
    ⭐= Like

    Also, I have very random comments because apparently I can’t remember anything from any drama besides knowing that I liked it or loved it, lol.

    The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (2023) ⭐
    I heard people talking about this drama at the end of the year so I decided to give it a try. I liked it, but I felt it lost its steam towards the end. The characters were endearing so I think I was okay with how it ended and overall enjoyed it and liked it.
    My Lovely Boxer (2023) ♥️
    This was another drama that I saw had good reviews in DB. I was down for a sports story, especially one about a female boxer. I really liked the story and conclusion, the female lead was great, and I enjoyed the main OTPs interactions.
    Like Flowers In Sand (2023) ♥️
    I guess I was still down for more sports, but honestly it was because of the main lead, love him. I thought this story was great and really enjoyed watching this drama!
    Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023) ♥️
    This was all over DB that I finally caved and watched it and loved it! It was such a good revenge story, but also a good time travel one. I’ve always liked Sung Hoon during the time I watched I Live Alone, but I really liked him in this drama as an actor.
    Tell Me That You Love Me (2023) ⭐
    This was such a sweet and gentle story. I think the only reason it didn’t get a heart from me was because I didn’t quite like the last two episodes, but other than that, I really enjoyed it.
    Marry My Husband (2024) ⭐
    This was so much fun watching live! My cousin was watching as well, so it was nice to talk to someone about it in real time. I think this drama was so good, but it just needed a little more umph for me to love it.
    Business Proposal (2022) (Rewatch) (watched w/ dad) ♥️
    This is such a fun drama that I rewatched it with my dad, except we totally skipped that one scene. It was a fun rewatch for me because my dad really liked the humor. Grandpa was his favorite, haha.
    Doctor Slump (2024)⭐
    Park Hyung-sik! Park Shin-hye! I really like both of them so I had to give this drama a try. I really liked it and loved their growing relationship. I had a fun time watching it.
    Chocolate (2019)⭐
    My cousin loves this drama and I wanted something slow so I gave it a chance. I think what most surprised me about this drama was that it was not what I expected. I think I had the synopsis wrong in my head. I also kind of waited the whole drama for something to happen and nothing did, but I wasn’t that mad about it, lol. It was an okay drama for me.
    Wedding Imposible (2024)⭐
    Saw clips of this and decided to watch it live. It was so fun in the beginning, but then it went wayside for a bit. Still, I enjoyed it!
    Castaway Diva (2023) ⭐
    This was such a fun drama, filled with great music. I enjoyed Seo Mok-ha coming back to society and Ki-ho, of course. I really, really liked this drama, but it wasn’t a true love for me. Will recommend and have recommended to others though.


      Queen of Tears (2024)⭐
      Kim Soo-hyun! I had to watch! I enjoyed the drama a lot, but I couldn’t completely immerse myself in the feelings, it was such a fantasy story for me. My tears are reserved for things that hit closer to home, lol.
      Best Choice Ever (2024)(C-drama)⭐
      I totally skipped half of this drama. Honestly, I was there for Xu Kai, but even though he was great, I couldn’t deal with the family (ahem, mother) trauma, it was triggering, lol. The parts I did watch were okay though, ha.
      Will Love In Spring (2024) (C-drama) ⭐
      This drama was good and, for a Cdrama, short. Which was great because it told a very concise story well. My favorite Cdrama has to be Meet Yourself which had more episodes, but still this drama was good as well and I enjoyed the story.
      Call It Love (2023) (Rewatch) ♥️♥️
      I just love this drama. I think I won’t have the words to say it well, but just that I love it.
      Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021) (Rewatch) (watched w/mom) ⭐
      Mom wanted to watch something with me so we watched this. She really enjoyed it and it was fun to see it with her.
      Everyone Loves Me (2024) (C-drama)⭐
      This is one of those C-dramas that focuses on the genius guy and gaming, but I think they made the female lead likable and capable which is a nice change. I had fun watching it, but it was full of tropes which was expected.
      Lovely Runner (2024) ♥️♥️
      Love, love, love! This one is going on the rewatch list! And soon. I think this was such a favorite of this year because of how funny and interesting it was. It made me want to stay in the new timelines every single time, but it was fun to go back and forth and see the changes.
      Knight Flower (2024) ♥️♥️
      I saw some love for this on the fanwall, but I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. Heard it in a podcast briefly and decided to watch it even though I am wary of sageuks. But this drama also goes in my favorites of this year! I loved it so much! And 12 episodes were perfect for this story! Love how it ended and, wow, did I swoon many times despite it not being the most swoony story (as in what other mediums want us to think of as being romantic).


        Knight Flower made me swoon several times. Much more than Lovely Runner, honestly.
        And that’s saying a lot, because as you said, Knight Flower isn’t even a romantic drama.
        I guess it has a lot to do with the way we connect with the characters.


          I loved Lovely Runner, but Knight Flower made me swoon more as well! Yes, I think it’s all about the characters. Somehow I connected more with the 30 yr old widow than the 30 yr old fan turned lover, lol. Also, TT!


    What a great batch of dramas you’ve watched this year! I love your rating system too 😀 I keep changing mine and right now it’s 1-6 stars (don’t ask, I can’t explain anymore, but it’s working for now haha). I hope the rest of the year is as satisfying as the first half!


      This year is working out well for watching dramas. 🤞
      No explanation required for your rating system. It great as long as it works for you.


      I can see why you have the 6 in there! No need to explain, I can feel it, lol. That is why I stuck to those 2 emojis. I also have a third emoji that I didn’t use in this batch. It’s the shrugging girl meant for dramas that made no sense, but I still finished, haha.


    Thank you for sharing your Roundup. You really picked the best. Well done. 👏👏👏


      Aww, thank you! I usually kept a monthly track of my dramas here on DB, but it’s been hard this year. I’ve gone back to my lurker days, but somehow I still feel a part of the community.


        I do hope you get to enjoy more dramas and chat about them too.

        I feels unreal these days I’m liking all current drama – how rare is that!


          Thank you! I’m a huge talker and a not so great typer, but I do hope I get to hat more. I’m watching Cinderella and Mobster right now and so far I like them a lot!


            I’m loving them both too. I’m a fairytale kind of girl anyway. 😍😂

            The Thirsty Deer boss is indeed unmissable also strangely enough it seems it may be a more serious drama. If you have time do come and let’s hang out in the recaps.

            Miss Night and Day also started well.