It’s almost time for the new year to begin, and I think that, like the whole of 2019, December in particular went by pretty quickly. I didn’t get a chance to do a writeup for the dramas I watched in 2019, but I would still like to write them down in my fan wall, if only for myself.
They are down in the reply:)


    I feel kind of sad that this year I didn’t have the time to do DB year end review since in 2017 I did one as a letter to my future drama watching self and in 2018 I did one on how I became empathetic for the first time while drama watching and cried along many of them. It would’ve been nice to have another one to keep a streak, but with the busyness of the holidays and being sick, I didn’t have the time to organize my thoughts on the dramas I watched. Looking back now, I watched a lot of pretty good dramas! I think I did a pretty good job at choosing which ones to live watch, since that is mostly what I did for the Korean dramas I did watch. My taste also changed a little: either I learned to put up with some ridiculousness and my patience has grown or I have always enjoyed said ridiculousness and wanted to keep that side of me hidden even from myself, lol. Whatever is the case, 2019 was a pretty good drama watching year for me:)

    This is the list of dramas that I finished this year:

    *Love-Love* (Dramas I enjoyed the most):
    -Just Dance
    -Sky Castle ♪We All Lie-Ha Jin♪
    -A Moment at Eighteen ♪Moments-Christopher♪
    -Be Melodramatic ♪Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers-Jang Beom-jun♪
    -ExtraOrdinary You ♪My Beauty-VERIVERY♪
    -Father Is Strange (My first weekender and the only past drama I watched)

    *Love-Like* (The littlest of oomph was needed for me to love-love these dramas):
    -Top Star Yoo Baek
    -Touch Your Heart ♪Make It Count-Chen♪
    -The Light In Your Eyes
    -That Psychometric Guy ♪Take-Jus2♪
    -Her Private Life ♪Maybe-Lee Hae-ri♪
    -The Secret Life of My Secretary

    *Like-Like* (I might’ve liked them more, but…):
    -Memories of Alhambra ♪Memories of Alhambra-Guitar music♪
    -The Crowned Clown

    *Like…Not Really* (Just wished they could’ve been different):
    -Let Me Hear Your Song
    -Melting Me Softly (aka The One I dropped)

    I also did something I never do: I rewatched my faves!
    -Just Between Lovers
    -Thirty, But Seventeen
    -I’m Not A Robot
    -Oh Hae-young Again
    -Because This Is My First Life


    I didn’t really watch a lot of older Korean dramas because I mostly filled in that space with C-drama rom-coms.
    In order of enjoyment they are:
    -When We Were Young
    -Detective L
    -Put Your Head On My Shoulder
    -Go Go Squid
    -Le Coup De Foudre
    -A Little Thing Called First Love
    -The World Owes Me A First Love
    -Accidentally In Love
    -Suddenly This Summer
    -Lion Pride (Taiwanese drama)


    It looks like I watched a lot, which I did, haha, but I also filled my days with Korean variety shows because I love to laugh and I needed to laugh a lot this year!
    My daily staples:
    -Sundays were for Running Man
    -Mondays were for Master in the House (Used to be 1 Night,2 Days which is back and I’m watching it excitedly!)
    -Tuesdays were for Ask Us Anything (aka Knowing Brothers)
    -Saturdays were for Home Alone (aka I Live Alone)

    On free days I watched these seasonal shows which I really enjoyed as well: Coffee Friends, The Great Escape 2, Village Survival: The Eight, Love Me Actually, Kang’s Kitchen 2, Little Forest, Busted Season 2, New Journey to the West 7.


    I also decided to watch more Korean movies:

    -Ajusshi (aka The Man From Nowhere)
    -My Brilliant Life
    -A Taxi Driver

    -Along With The Gods: Two Worlds
    -The Villainess
    -Miss Baek
    -The Dude In Me

    -The Great Battle
    -Tune In For Love
    -Hit and Run Squad

    Overall, I think that I had a pretty good 2019 Korean-Asian entertainment year! Here’s to a good 2020 drama watching year!!