Hello Beanies!
Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a little late, but the day is still not over for me☺️
I just wanted to let y’all know that your Love, February posts were all really beautiful!! You all have a way with words: they’re touching, they’re funny, they’re deep, they leave an impression. I am happy to be a part of a really talented community even if I’m only liking posts, mostly lurking, and not having much to add. Last year, I was not in a good place to be opening up myself to the Internet. This year, I feel like I’m doing better and I even told myself that I should give it a try. However, something came up and all I could do was think about that for a couple of weeks. I’m still kind of surprised that I held it in together pretty well and didn’t have too much trouble because of these news. Thank God, the appointment today went well. Even going to into it, I had peace in my heart. God is good and I have nothing to worry about anymore! It was better than what we expected and a huge burden was taken of our shoulders. Overall, I had a pretty good day. And I hope the same can be said of you dear Beanie!

Love, February ❤️