The incooperation of traditional Uighur music in this was so beautiful to the point I actually cried. So lovely.
Omg I love this show. Each and every ep I get to learn about a famous Chinese singer and a golden oldie😍. Best crash course ever.
P.s.- @wishfultoki dunno whether the song is to your taste, but you might like the traditions instruments😍😍😍


    the drumming 💖💖💖 so romantic


    Ahhhhhhh you’re watching!!!!!!!!!!! I am currently doing a re-watch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


      Aaaa can you understand Chinese?😍 Or are you watching without subs?
      Upto ep 9 I watched from YT then 9 and 10 from daytoytwt. She’s still subbing.
      Oh the wait😭


      Yeah that’s where I said I watched it up until ep 8 hehe🙃
      After that I found this lovely person is subbing the rest.
      She’s still subbing so I’m waiting for ep 11.
      That’s so nice you can understand Chinese!😍


        I really hope that this show will be picked up for more seasons to come, because I really like the concept of it. Even if the original cast doesn’t return for it, it’s okay, just as long as they have the same spirit, drive, and willingness to learn and to have fun, then I am okay with anyone 🙂

        One thing I really loved (among the plethora of other things I loved about this show hehe) is how laid back everyone is in real life but is so serious and professional when it came down to business. All the seniors didn’t seem to have any ego and was not above poking fun, yet giving lots of support during the performances, of other seniors; And then you can see that all the junior singers had a really deep respect for, not only the seniors, but for each other as well. I have an inkling that the host, Lin Hai, also has a bias/favoritism towards Xiao Zhan and is always taking care of him/asking after him to see if he’s okay… Maybe because the host knows just HOW busy Xiao Zhan was at the time (he was filming a drama and this show at the same time–and possibly involved in many other projects– and both things require tons and tons of prep ahead of time… Or I just might be overly sensitive lol


      Yeah same!
      I felt like it was a weekly get together karoke for seniors, and a meet-your-idol-and-learn-stuff session for juniors lol😂
      It was such a heartfelt show.
      Despite having fun when it came to the actual performances they worked so hard for perfection, and even if they got eliminated despite the efforts just nonchalantly accepted it. “Ah I just came here to have fun with my colleagues, experience is what matters”
      I really really loved that. I never watch music contests but fell in love with this.
      On a side note I thought it was adorable how almost all the juniors were super polite, meek and never talked unless they were talken to lol. They would sit up ramrod straight and answer the questions dutifully when a senior talked to them😂
      And all the seniors took care of their respective juniors, it was heartwarming to watch.