@wishfultoki thought you might like!
Sharing a personal fave song-peom today!
This is an OST from the Chinese historical drama Royal Nirvana (literal translation of the title is “Crane cries Huating”, which is a reference to a story from Chinese literature where a person to be executed said, “I wish I can hear the cranes cry over (place)Huating once again.”)
On thing I really loved about this song, other than the lovely fusion melody and the vocals, is the style of the lyrics. It’s a storytelling type structure that is lesser seen compared to the far more common Verse+Chorus+Verse+Chorus style.
I loved the flow of it.
I tried my best typing the lyrics over a fanart of the drama, sorry it’s not perfect loll
For anyone who wants to listen to it: https://youtu.be/Fn1sQAIIJ8U