The play-dance the apprentice Court ladies were doing the night of the tiger. It looks fun and bit scary at the same time to me. I used to shake like a leaf whenever I had to step on the sturdier friends’s backs in school acrobatic drill performances lol.


    @Peony Thank you so much for sharing this video.


    Yes! Ganggangsullae!
    But, okay, but you know why I know this song? Because it was used in TALE OF THE NINE TAILED as a creepy backing track for the Nightmare Episode 9… I still want to know what arrangement they used in 9T because I love it, and I listened to like every arrangement I could find on Youtube just a few months ago.

    For some cool modern arrangements:
    This, with modern hip hop:
    and also this:


      Wow what an amazing song! Thank you for sharing all the links, so cool.
      So I tried looking it up and didn’t find any except some comentors speculating it’s a variation of Ganggangsullae, which could be true but ALSO could be just that viewers recognising tonal similarities therefore instinctively linking them together.
      (There’s very lil possibility me finding anything new about a topic you couldn’t alr find haha)
      My take is that it
      1. Is a folk song inspired tune the drama made up anew.
      2. It might actually exist! Because here in my country we have versions for both of them, so why not in Korea! Haha.

      Sharing my country’s versions (directly translating here, some sentences might not make sense)

      Ganggangsullae-like one

      Kids hold hands and form a circle, dancing while singing this-
      “Milk-milk-ball, frill-frill-necklace (nonsense words)
      Where is this kid from?, bought from the Rose forest
      Dading biding dong (an imitation of the sound when people fall down, as they fall on to the floor after saying this line)

      The Gatekeeper song like one-

      Again kids form a circle, this time around one kid who is the “goat”. And there’s a “wolf” outside the circle, trying to break the handholds.
      The wolf sings “I came to eat goats, open the gates”
      The circle sings “Eat goat shit!”