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So I’ve been having Norigae and Yajin thoughts for a while.

Norigae are from Joseon, Yajin from Qing Dynasty (which brings me to- WTH is Qin silk!? It’s Q.i.n.g! I wouldn’t put it past the subbers though I guess, who sacrilegiously subbed the Ex-Concubine Yeong as “Crown Princess”. Facepalm. Ok I digress.)
Both are decorative tassel like ornaments that serve both the aesthetic purpose and the practical purpose of weighing down the cloth tie of your top of it wouldn’t…. uhh, you know accidentally come loose and flash everyone lol.

Here’s a post about Yajin https://moononmyfloor.tumblr.com/post/668497329432788992/can-you-tell-me-about-the-charms-that-women-in

Sicarius will like how they sometimes hold nifty gadgets like Swiss army knives haha
(The pics are contributed by a friend in AvenueX Discord)