A brief conversation with my chiropractor right before my adjustment went something like this :

I am about to position myself on the reclining adjustment chair:

Chiropractor: Can I see your eyes?
I look in his direction.
Chiropractor: So, your one of those people.
Me: You mean, dry-eye people (‘Cause I suffer from dry eyes and my eyes were on the reddish/irritated side this morning)?
Chiropractor: Green-eyed people.
Me: [laughs] Oh. Actually, my eyes are blue. Well, they were bluer when I was younger, but they’re almost a greenish-blue now.

The conversation continues a bit more. Interestingly, my chiropractor never even noticed that I have light eyes, and I’ve been going to his office for about two years. LOL. This is not the first time people have reacted to my eye color after having known me for quite a while. Maybe they can’t see the color because of the glasses I wear for my myopia and mild astigmatism.

This was not a post of importance; I just felt like sharing this with you, my fellow Beanies! 


    I’m the same. I was working with people like for 5 years and when I put some lenses they were like “Oh, your eyes are so pretty! Were they always like that?”. No I had a cornea donnor recently.



      What color are your eyes?


        They were blue Gray but now there are quite light blueish ones. They change regularly, depends on the mood and they’re getting older as well.


    I relate to this so much! Recently I was talking to an old woman who has been my neighbor for 30+ years. She is old and bent and I usually talk to her while standing, and it so happened that this time I was sitting down lower than and very near her seat and I was dumbfounded to see the bluish green color of her eyes! I was so startled that I stopped talking for a bit because I thought I had mistaken somebody else for her!