Love Stories Countdown to Valentine’s Day #2:
One yellow rose

A friend has allowed me to share her parent’s courtship, but their names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Her parents, Nathan and Margot, met at church during their university days. They were in the same college-age youth group. They had been dating for a while, but Margot was still unsure about whether she was ‘in love’ with Nathan. As a poor student Nathan couldn’t afford to take Margot on lavish dates, but he always worked hard to buy her a dozen red roses each Sunday when he took her out on a walk around the parks.

He even proposed to her twice. And was rejected twice.

Then, one day early on in the week Margot decided it was high time to determine whether or not there was a future for her and Nathan. She asked God for a sign. “If he is THE ONE, Lord, then…..hmmmm…..have him bring me a single yellow rose on our next date.”

This seemed like a good litmus test for a legitimate sign since it would be so out of character for him to buy her anything but a dozen red roses. She prompted forgot about her prayer.

The next Sunday Margot came to the door to see a downcast Nathan.

Margot: Nathan, what’s the matter??
Nathan: I went to buy you a dozen red roses today at the market, but they were all wilted and dying. I found these other beautiful roses, but they were so expensive I could only buy one. I hope you don’t mind having a yellow rose today.
Margot [shocked]:….
Nathan [apologetic]: Don’t be upset!!! I promise you, I’ll buy you a dozen red roses next week!!! I PROMISE!!!
Margot: Ummm….no…. that’s okay…..

She didn’t tell him about her prayer until about 2 weeks later when they were on another date.

Margot: Ummm….do you remember how you proposed to me a couple times before…..?
Nathan: Yes…..?

Apparently the story drops off there, at least in Margot’s version. Nathan still claims he proposed to her, and she accepted. She says she nudged him. (Actually, can’t really blame the guy. After all, she did say ‘no’ twice before).

However, over 30+ years of marriage, and 3 kids later I am happy to report they are very much still a wonderful couple, and I am certainly grateful since they are the parents of one of my very dear friends.

Love, February