Love Stories Countdown to Valentine’s Day #9:
Love in the Time of Corona

A few friends began relationships right around the time of the first lockdown last year. But, I’m quite pleased to report a special one which resulted in engagement in December, and planned for “elopement” in a little more than a month!
They have been given pseudonyms to protect their privacy.

Wynn and Janet met in a bakery. I think it was supposed to be a low pressure, breezy coffee date, but they couldn’t stop talking to one another, so they ended up going to dinner. Then they met for coffee two days after that. Two days after THAT they became official.

Then the lockdown happened. They’ve been together ever since. There were no dramatic ups and downs. As Janet put it, “We knew what we were looking for and found it in each other.”

She acts all composed, I DO remember her being VERY nervous meeting his closest friends for the first time during a games night (this was when restrictions had lifted briefly). I think she was fretting about what to bake them. HAHA! Classic Janet.

The sweetest part of their courtship was when Janet mentioned how anxious she was about the relationship. It just seemed too easy – it was just so easy to love Wynn and be loved by him, she thought it was a sign that they wouldn’t work out.

But, each time her anxiety got the better of her, and she said “we should break up”, Wynn would calmly counter with “No, we can work through this.” And that was that. They worked through it.

Janet showed me a picture of her engagement ring in December, and now she’s making her bridal bouquet out of pages from old books for her elopement in MARCH!!! EEEEEEEKKKKK! I’m so excited for them!!!

Love, February