Love Stories Countdown to Valentine’s Day #13:
Too bad I’ll never see him again

This is another love story of a couple from my parents’ church in Orange County. Barbara is from California, Chris is from New Jersey. But, during the spring semester of 1982, Chris visited Barbara’s roommate, Linda, whom he served with on a mission field with InterVarsity in the Philippines. Barbara wasn’t actually keen on his visit since it was in the middle of exams.

But, when he arrived, even though she was already in bed, she got up and put on her green bathrobe (apparently Chris still calls it her UGLY green bathrobe) and went down to welcome him (good old-fashioned manners, ya know?). Soon Barbara was glued to her seat on the floor, finding him fascinating to listen to. Over his visit she started to go out of her way to spend time with him. She was more herself with him than she had been with any other guy she knew. When he left her wrote “Too bad I’ll never see him again, who knows what could have happened?”

BUT….apparently what DID happen is that Barbara’s dad gave her as a graduation gift an airplane ticket to New York! She stayed with a friend in Brooklyn, but Chris came to pick her up from the airport, and showed her around the Jersey Shore. They had a whirlwind of fun that included holding hands and taking the romantic carriage ride in Central Park (*snort* such a touristy thing to do, Barbara and Chris!).

When Barbara got home she wrote him a thank you letter, on notebook papers….and added “I think I fell a little in love with you in our time together.” He wrote back. Then, they started to call each other regularly…on the landline! They were young and poor so their phone bills were expensive, and another airplane trip was out of the question. They became long-distance boyfriend and girlfriend in August 1982, but only saw each other again in December 1982.

Their first kiss was in the LAX Terminal when Chris got off the plane to visit Barbara for Christmas!! They dated long distance until 1986, and Barbara said it wasn’t always easy. Chris finally got a job transfer to California, they got engaged in Honolulu, and then were married in October 1986!

And the rest is history!

Love, February