Today is the 6th day, as in, Day6
So let me share one of my favorite Day6 song, that I think is one of my favorite expressions of love:

When you love someone 그렇더라고요
Though this song was sung in Korean, I have repeated this too many times that I understand the first line:
오늘 많이 힘들었던 하루였죠
“Today was a hard day, isn’t it?”

It’s not a question of how your day went, how are you, or why are you sad, are you tired?
It does not demand an answer from you, nor does not ask you to explain your pain.
It acknowledges it. It acknowledges that you are having a hard time, you are weary, that you had a long day and so it does not need anything more from you. And sometimes, that is all what we need.

So this song, for me, gives a sense of comfort

Like a warm meal waiting for you at the table

A warm bed ready for you to tuck you in

A pet that happily greets you

A playlist accompanying you home

An episode you downloaded ready to be watched

A book to usher you to sleep

A cup of your favorite night time tea

The scent you sprayed to help you sleep

The arms of a loved one ready to squeeze you tight

Or just the thought of home after a long hard day

So here’s to the things that comfort us, without questions and without asking for anything in return

Love, February

I’m sharing this FMV made by PH MyDays and played during Gravity in Manila, which made Jae cry