Goodbye to The Tale of Nokdu, the little drama that could. I hung around the final recap for the longest, but seeing the thumbnail move into ‘Recently Completed’ brought it home that it’s over 😢


    Ohmygosh I’ve been seeing your comments all over the Nokdu thread and I feel like you’re probably even more obsessed with it than I am (perhaps… I’ll fight you on that one tho ;p) wahhhh help me!! I’m SO gutted it’s over and there’s no more… I’m literally re-watching it for the 5th time in a row because I love it so much. I’ve watched and re-watched their BTS vids, interviews and radio appearances (KSH & JDY) so many times I literally know what they’re saying without subs by now and I am still so obsessed with the drama, team and of course our DongJeon couple.

    Any ideas how to move on?? Or maybe we can just fangirl together???


      haha sorry I’m late replying but I’m glad you love Nokdu too!

      I rewatched while waiting for the final episodes, definitely going to return to Nokdu in 2020…..but to get over the withdrawal, I’ve been watching some of Jang Dong-yoon’s other dramas, including If We Were A Season and Dance Sport Girls! But I am totally open to continued fangirling here too (just sorry about late replies since I don’t log in every day).


      (Watching other stuff you like is an option too btw, I’m currently being distracted by BTS Bon Voyage 4 which is a fun travel show ft. BTS!)