Now I feel what Taek stan felt back when Reply 1988 happened. I’m on Jungpal ship through and through so I though by ship deserved better and start backhanded comment about Taek here and there. It seems dejavu with happen here now. One sided war going on in this place that I detest to be here even for a moment. I need to put the mantra β€œits only a drama, not a real life” and β€œdon’t be too dramatic, don’t be too dramatic” only inside my head because I can’t judge people for being over-protective on their ship since I did the same things years ago. Be careful tho, people might dislike the character that you kept defending if you keep thrashing another character like this. Tone down it a bit, if you can.

Disclaimer: This back from hiatus post are not aim to anybody. Just a general observation since a few week ago.