Can any beanies comment on SJK’s Italian in Vincenzo? I think the flow is good. However, SJK’s English was pretty cringy in DOTS so I’m curious how he’s doing in Vincenzo.


    Iā€™m not Italian, never studied it, except for what I needed to spend a month there a few years ago, not even going to say I understand 10% of what he said, but it seemed slow and way too deliberate compared to the actual Italian actors.

    0’s a bit a native I can understand everything he says, but he still has a quite weird pronunciation. Also I agree with his way of speaking being slow, it’s like he’s making an extra effort to be able to enunciate each word, which he is, after all xD

    The way he’s delivering his lines doesn’t feel natural at all, though, that’s the biggest issue, because acting in different languages needs a completely different approach, it’s not just about different words.

    I see people call him sexy when he speaks in Italian, while I can’t help but laugh 😅
    I think in episode 1, towards the end, there was one of the funniest parts: he only said one word (“aspettate!” it means “wait!”), and it was supposed to be some high tension moment, but I burst out laughing! I’m so sorry SJK!! 😂

    And imo he is a great actor when talking in Korean, it doesn’t translate as well, though ahaha!