Most people hate going to work. They look forward to their rest days at the start of the workweek. My friends tell me that they envy the fact that I’m excited for work to start again.
I love rest days too since they’re my drama days.

Co-teachers asking me to do their work because I’m “better” at it is tiring.
The bosses expecting me to work overtime every day is exhausting.
The students surmising that I will never get angry no matter what they do.

Only that, I can’t say no cause I know they need me.
And I actually end up working overtime.
I also rarely get angry which is entirely my fault.

But I get tired too…

And when I get tired, I rest.
And do what I want.
Which is watching dramas and talk to people online.
And for that, I thank you.



    You can get tired at your job even if you love it. Love does not necessarily have to be tied to relaxation and freeing your soul, work is consuming both physically and mentally. So, you don’t need to overwork or always facilitate others to manifest your love of this job. Cut yourself some slack and watch lots of dramas.


      I already am. Dramas recharge me. I want my tiredness to be solely physical and mental so I’m doing my best not to feel burned-out.


    To my fellow colleague, I understand you ☺️.
    Though I’m a bit tired with work sometimes, the strange thing about being a teacher/lecturer for me is that it’s never a tiring job. My students are, most of the times, my source of happy energy. They’re full of positive vibe. Having said that, though trying to be kind I need to be firm too. Then they will know what to expect of me and I of them.

    Sending you lots of positive vibe. 💕


      I agree! Teaching is something I am really passionate about. Seeing my kids fills my heart. I have to work on being firm.

      Thanks for the positive vibes, I need it!


    I’m tired too. Today I found myself apologizing at work to coworkers for not being as positive as I usually am… which confused them. 😛


    Time teaches us to deal with tiredness. At least it has taught me. Now I know my limits are lower than they used to be 10 years ago. Even so, when that time comes, I also find comfort in dramas, books and chatting online.
    And I can always rely on my favourite bot who’s tired but willing to prepare quiz questions!