Feeling frustrated over Start-Up? I would like to recommend Birthcare Center to you! It’s a show that discusses the difficulties that woman face as they transition into motherhood. Here’s a snippet of its (superior imo) dialogue:

(Narrative opener: Ton of guys cheat on their wives after they get pregnant and give birth because they no longer feel sexually attracted to their wives.)

Eun Jung: I guess that’s why they say the time spent with your husband after you give birth becomes a turning point in your marriage.
Hyun Jin: A turning point?
Eun Jung: Depending on how you spend this time together, you can either maintain a marriage full of love or you can just end up staying married and live as parents for the sake of your children. To be honest, my husband and I didn’t get though it very well. We were very happy in the beginning.
Hyun Jin: There was a time when we were passionate too. I thought our relationship would get better if we had a child, but my body keeps getting ruined and I feel like my husband is getting used to me being broken. That’s why I feel like I’m no longer a woman to him.
Eun Jung: I think I felt that way the first time too. I hated the change and I was sad. But eventually, I stopped even getting angry at him. I felt like the change was only natural. Being a woman, a wife and then a mom to him.
Hyun Jin (monologue): Hearing her say change was only natural angered me.
Hyun Jin: No.
Eun Jung: What?
Hyun Jin: I won’t let it naturally change.
Eun Jung: Hyun Jin…
Hyun Jin (monologue): Because although I was a mom, I was still a woman and I wanted to be loved.

It’s only 8 episodes and the finale is airing on Tuesday night! So check it out in Viu, iQIYI, or Viki (and maybe your favourite pirate if needed)! Do share your favourite moments! ~feels sad to be one of the few who are reacting to it~


    It’s 8 only?!! Aw, I’m sad. It’s such a beautiful story


    I’m going to miss this drama. So many great moments. I liked the fantasy sequences, especially the nanny fight. The dad bonding. I liked the discussions about breast feeding vs. formula, marriage, working or being a stay at home parent.