Radily’s Five Word Ratings (RFWR) – Fifth Year statistics (Dramas #158 – #212, Mid 2022 – Mid 2023)
(Previous statistics thread found here)

Subjective ratings (average: 1.69)
5/5: 2 (ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Watcha’s Recipe for Farewell)
4/5: 1 (MBC’s Wild Boar Hunting)
3/5: 4 (ENA’s Gaus Electronics, tvN’s Missing: The Other Side 2, JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother, KBS’s My Perfect Stranger)
2/5: 19
1/5: 29

Objective ratings (average: 1.25)
4/5: 1 (Watcha’s Recipe for Farewell)
3/5: 3 (MBC’s Wild Boar Hunting, Coupang Play’s Unicorn, ENA’s Gaus Electronics)
2/5: 5
1/5: 46

Breakdown by television/OTT
Cable (tvN, JTBC, ENA): 26 (Subjective average: 1.73 / Objective average: 1.23)
Terrestrial (KBS, MBC, SBS): 15 (Subjective average: 1.53 / Objective average: 1.2)
Others: 14 (Subjective average: 1.79 / Objective average: 1.36)

General remarks
First things first, where’s the Recipe For Farewell show page? The small OTT networks have certainly delivered this year: Unicorn being another highlight from the past year, Seasons of Blossom having Seo Ji Hoon in the best way possible and Once Upon a Small Town … I guess there’s always a dud somewhere. But it’s amazing (or not, depending on your perspective) that the terrestrial networks are now each only airing one drama a week when they used to be the only ones airing dramas: things have certainly evolved dramatically (heh) as OTT becomes the new normal?