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Moonlight drawn By Clouds rewatch: in comments cause I cant post over one line for some reason


    first of all, this drama has not aged
    second: princess Yeongeun literally performing her own post traumatic exposure therapy is just so badass. here we have all all these broken chaebol heirs, unable to literally get their big boy pants on without an opera choir, and here is a tiny girl WHO DOESNT EVEN SPEAK de-sentisizing herself like a pro.

    kids can be better than adults…
    thats why I really want to watch Day of kidnapping but alas, again, my region is totally blocked out even from legal channels. and yet, it is not blocked in Latvia like how … Hey. Do I have to build a huge blinking lighthouse for streamers to notice me?


thanks to rewatching Moonlight drawn by clouds, I managed to memotize the difficult -께서 honorigic.


I want to go to Korea NOWWWWW. Seo In Guk as Monte Christo. Olllalllalllallaaa


    I always selfishly get mad when actors I like do musicals/plays because it means they’re doing something I can’t watch!!!!!


      Same! I know it wouldn’t do me much good if I were there, because I can’t understand Korean, but I WANNA. He looks fantastic in that poster.


      the NY Met Opera at least has broadcasts for some of their shows, and they show these in our cinemas, why couldnt Seoul theaters do the same. It is with tickets, anyway. so convenient and a better close up look.
      and I would also gladly watch contemporary dance performances or ballet


    oh my god, that’s STUNNING! He’s stunning!!!


Hwasa is a lucky girl, she has her granny 🙂 this is very endearing and shows real life in a small town


    oh I just heard it was an old clip so her granny died. but this is still beautiful


I think my soul just left my body. but I cannot say it, it is a matter that would honestly belong in DM. or can we have Anonymous Confessions section on DB. but just. no I cant


Space Keyboy?


I found a game from weverse and thought it fun. answer ALL these honestly, then copypaste original to your wall.

A – are you human?
B – birthday?
C- color of your hair?
D – last debate subject
E – the effect you think you have on people?
F – biggest flex
G – good at?
H – best 3 habits
I – hours a day on internet
J – jealous of?
K – have killed anyone or anything
L – whom you love most
M – biggest motivator
N – nickname ?
O – one wish over above else
P – person last texted ?
Q – question always asked?
R – roses or lilies ?
S – which type of song you like
T – time you wake up ?
U – will you route for underdog or the most likely winner?
V – vanilla or chocolate?
W – weight ?
X – ex you never stopped loving?
Y – your bias?
Z – zombies or vampires


    Pasting my answer on here because my Beanie Wall doesn’t seem to want to post my answers in an orderly fashion, but rather, as chaotic as it can be XD

    A – are you human? Pretty sure I am
B – birthday? Early April
C- colour of your hair? Dark, dark brown

    D – last debate subject? Internalized racism

    E – the effect you think you have on people? I hope is/always will be positive

    F – biggest flex? Paying off my student loans

    G – good at? I’ve been told I’m a good listener

    H – best 3 habits? Good listener, organized, good memory over the small things
I – hours a day on internet? I don’t keep track
J – jealous of? People who can travel lots

    K – have killed anyone or anything? In my mind

    L – whom you love most? God

    M – biggest motivator? Myself
    N – nickname ? Nessa 

    O – one wish over above else? To be loved
P – person last texted? Mum
Q – question always asked? “How tall are you?”
R – roses or lilies ? Specifically Lilium Lilies
S – which type of song you like? Makes me happy or brings me calm

    T – time you wake up ? 7:00AM

    U – will you route for underdog or the most likely winner? Underdog
V – vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla

    W – weight? Severely under
X – ex you never stopped loving? From elementary

    Y – your bias? Probably doesn’t even know I exist

    Z – zombies or vampires? Neither


    A- am I?
    B- 25/02
    C- brunette
    D- stupid choices a dude made in The Genius S02 (with my mom).
    E- they say I’m cute, but it’s because I’m the maknae. Everywhere.
    F- I have a really good support system? I know I can trust my friends and family.
    G- studying, writing.
    H- giving affection to my love ones, apologizing when I have to? Idk.
    I- 12h
    H- Confident people.
    K- HAHAHAHA. No comments. 🤫
    L- My mom.
    M- 🤔
    N- Too many. From Effy to Tronchatoro (Trunchbull).
    O- Health and wealth for everyone I love, hehe.
    P- a friend.
    Q- “¿no me va a dar un abracito?” To my mom.
    R- Daisies and sunflowers.
    S- Can’t choose. But I’m obsessed with FTIsland’s new comeback these days. Their songs “I’m still here” and “Sage” are totally my style.
    T- 1PM. I sleep during the day and stay awake all night.
    U- Depends.
    V- Chocolateeeeeeee.
    W- wtf, I have body issues. LMAO
    X- None. No ex. Aro/ace
    Y- From kdramaland? GOT7? DAY6? INFINITE? Fav director? Writer? Hollywood actor/actress? Really hard question, dude.
    Z- Vampires. Unless the zombies are like the cute boy from Zombie for Sale or the cool oppa from Zombie Detective.


    A – I think?
    B – Early August
    C- Dark brown
    D – How to make my sister not use me as an excuse not to go out
    E – No idea. Some students said they learned a lot from me.
    F – What is flex?
    G – being serious
    H – determination, teaching, detecting people with good energy
    I – a lot
    J – almost everyone even school kids (sometimes)
    K – I almost pledged to kill someone and I regretted saying that for many years (that person was the worst. But I regretted my saying that much more than one would think).
    L – trying to love myself the most
    M – supportive people around me
    N – you guess
    O – be less serious
    P – either @ndlessjoie or @stpauligurl
    Q – Can we do this using an easier way?
    R – roses. White or pink.
    S – I like instrumentals, and Kdrama osts
    T – best time is 9.30-10 am
    U – I’ll root for those I wanna root for
    V – chocolate
    W – I’ll like to skip this.
    X – None.
    Y – BB Kim Seon-Ho. 🩷🩷🩷
    Z – Is this even a valid question?


      I understood Q wrongly, so my new answer is “Are you really single?”


      flex is like an achievement that you feel puts you ahead in life


        Ahh.. thanks. In that case, I’d say having met some key people in my life.


    @db-staff, I think you might wanna have a thread on something like this. Just to make Beans get to know a little bit about everyone. Answers won’t reveal confidential info anyway. I think it’ll be an interesting thread since we have known their Kdrama preferences for years, but not so much who they are as a person.


    here´s my own answers

    A – I am a fox, hello????
    B – 25th of january, aquarius, air sign
    C- kinda golden red like my avatar
    D – are blondes naturally more pale than redheads
    E – I am hoping to tickle the freak in them, and they often tell me things I said brightened up their mood
    F – so, flex is something you can be proud of achieving. I would say, having items of my family in 6 museums and around 350 pages of memories collected and donated to archives.
    G – I am good at making connections: similarities in faces, recognizing songs, drawing parallels between random things.
    H – eating a strong breakfast, exercising daily, not smoking or drinking
    I – probably like 8 bc my work is also through internet databases and catalogue
    J – people who have cookies when I dont have cookies
    K – my own spirit and dreams, when I was really heartbroken
    L – right now, myself! cause I didnt for almost 38 years
    M – ideas. they wish to come true and wont leave me be
    N – redfox, typhoon, Wind, redsy
    O – to be able to talk to trees
    P – classmate, asking what the homework was
    Q – why do you not drink, is there something wrong with you?
    R – grass
    S – passionate
    T – when my back starts hurting
    U – underdog
    V – I friggin hate chocolate
    W – 56kg but 59 if I go to the gym every day
    X – the person who saved my life
    Y – I liked different ones through the years, but Taeminnie prob past 7 years
    Z – zombies. but I also like Ma Dong Seok, so isnt there a conflict?


    Comment was deleted


    Oh this is fun. Thanks for posting.
    My answers 👇🏿

    A – are you human? Ammm I??
B – birthday? Early November.

    C – color of your hair? Black.

    D – last debate subject? Etiquette in phone calls between friends just for the sake of chit chat. I don’t like gossips and long calls just for gossiping.
E – the effect you think you have on people? Increasing with my age, but I don’t really care.
F – biggest flex? I love things/ people passionately but when the love is gone, it’s gone. I don’t look back.

    G – good at? Listening.

    H – best 3 habits? Read patiently, drink coffee everyday, watch the sunset everyday.

    I – hours a day on internet? I’d rather not tell.

    J – jealous of? People who are English proficient and can write well.
K – have killed anyone or anything? I think I killed my younger self multiple times. 

    L – whom you love most? My mom, dad, kids, sisters. 

    M – biggest motivator? My kids.
N – nickname ? Hermione.

    O – one wish over above else? Stay healthy.

    P – person last texted ? Husband. 

    Q – question always asked? Do you have time? (Pls tell me what you need from me first, then I’ll know if I have time!!).

    R – roses or lilies ? Roses. 

    S – which type of song you like? Songs with meaningful, poetic lyrics.

    T – time you wake up ? 8am (on holidays, it depends on how many Kdrama episodes I watched the previous night).
U – will you route for underdog or the most likely winner? Underdog.

    V – vanilla or chocolate? Vanilla.

    W – weight ? Still in control.
X – ex you never stopped loving? None.
    Y – your bias? Lee Je Hoon ❤️
Z – zombies or vampires? Neither.


      The answer to Q made me laugh. True beyond words.


just discovered a regular customer (male, 51) watching It´s ok to not be ok in one window, while simultaneously watching New Jeans in parallel window on our library computer. hmm.


    That sounds like ME! Though I’m not quite 51 and I would be doing it in serial and not simultaneously.


      hehe, but you´d need to be in Tallinn Central Library…


is anyone on WeVerse? I just joined. Seems like artists do lives there instead of Insta now or maybe they still use insta. i also follow Kim Seon Ho. I want to do a club even on fandoms & communities


    I am… I also follow Kim Seon-Ho (currently watching Catch the Ghost so I’m getting my daily dose of long-legged dimples). But I killed the app notifications so I never know when something happens!
    Initially, fun story, I started Weverse to force myself to interact with the Korean language without translation. It was tricky, but after much research, I found that Park Jimin’s Weverse and Army-facing use of Korean is super accessible to learners like me.
    First problem here: He’s not remotely active enough for me to progress.
    Second problem: I had to remove Weverse notifications because you can’t just follow Jimin, you get the whole of BTS which I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t receive 12 live notifications a day each day one of them cooks noodles or does his laundry… From a learner’s point of view, it’s great: So much banter and natural way of typing. But it’s a little overwhelming and I don’t have the right language level for it yet. Which brings me back to not knowing when KSH does anything on Weverse.

    By the way, did you get around to watch The Childe? If you haven’t, I strongly recommend it 🙂


      havent watched it yet. yeah especially if there are lives they mostly do in korean and it is good for listening skills. but for now I prefer Youtube bc you can have subtitles and learn more. but on live I have to make more effort to understand.


        Weverse works hard to provide some level of translation. You can get it on lives too, but obviously it can take a few days.


    Me!! I used to be way more ‘active’ though in the past though, I don’t think I’ve opened the app more than a handful of times this year – purely because I’m a fan of way too many artists so I’d keep getting 29384938 notifications throughout the day and eventually turned notifs off and of course the downside of this means I’d miss lives. I’ve ended up watching more Insta lives these days, there’s a few of them that seem to be more active on Insta like NCT, handful of other SM artists, and individual BTS members.

    But yeah Weverse is great for learning conversation Korean too I found! Especially since there’s a few more lives where they’re doing specific things, like playing with lego, cooking, sharing and playing music they like etc. – so the context there helps you pick up on words easier than Insta lives which seem to be more unstructured ‘chats’.

    I’ve found there’s also a fair few groups that seem to do YouTube lives more too recently? Like ATEEZ and SF9 most recently, which is interesting!


      Hwasa had a live on youtube, she speaks very fast though 🙁
      and I just found Lee Soo Hyuk on WeVerse, it would be great if he had a live just for the voice sake I dont even care if I understand anything


Taemin doing Key Good&Great challenge. my brain is so confused. first he is a muscular beast, then he wears a skirt, now he turned into a middle schooler? Im dizzy. what´s next


he just doesn’t age #shinee #taemin #leetaemin #shineetaemin #shawols #kpop #fyp

♬ original sound – odorable 🐥


this patron in the library looks like an alien in human suit from MIB and it is too creepy. oh and should I wake up this teenager who fell asleep while reading?


Omoni… Hwasa OMG isn´t she playing riskaaayy for korean audience? but, the message is clear: you have no agenda over my body and my self-image. pheef, I cannot watch this at work


I want to create a facebook group for the Korean Culture Club but I need to think of a catchy name since there is also one in Tartu University. How to name it like an idol fandom? help


    How’s the other (Tartu University) one called? Or is it just Korean Culture Club?

    Here are some random thoughts, they may not be good but hopefully, they can give you a baseline to think of some funky names!

    I’d go down the route of using Hanguk in the name or any other Korean words that people are already familiar with, mostly because those who are interested in Korean culture will most certainly recognise those, and also because I like the sound of it. It opens the door to catchy odd names:

    The Hanguk🇰🇷, Hanbok👘, Hangwa🍬 Club of Korean Culture

    Don’t Touch my Kimchi Club! (sorry this one might sound incredibly racist but I don’t mean it like that. I just love the idea of using kimchi as a cultural starting point to expand into the K culture and history)

    Korea Saranghae (and easy one for all those who know saranghae which is 99% of the population now, even though few know how to use it properly)

    From Hanguk, with love (not that James Bond ever had anything to do with Korea, but From Russia, with love, is a recognisable title)

    I’d like to mention that for simplicity, I’m keeping those grammatically incorrect. Can’t burden people with grammar at this point!


      LOL I do love Don´t Touch My Kimchi, but what about You can touch my kimchi?
      although, library…
      I think the other one IS just Korean Culture Club ( with UT aka Universitas Tartuensis in front)
      I tried letters…
      Like Ta-Ke-Ra-Ko (Tallinn, Central, Library, Korean) but that sounds japanese instead. Pirates of the Koreabean?


        Wait, you’re in Tallinn? I might go to Tallinn next month. Originally, I wanted to visit and check the escape room scene, but does this mean there is also a Korean scene in Tallinn?!

        My god, yes, Pirates of the Koreabean!!! This gets all my votes!


          yeah there is kind of, we have our King Sejong Institute, there is the Lyra cultural society and Im trying to bring everything together in the Central Library (it is right next to freedom Square and Opera Theater so very easy to come here). we will do taekwondo and baduk on the 22nd, and in october I think we might do some cooking and talk about the fandoms and fan culture in general. also I will have the members each prepare a presentation of their favorite group. and in november I dunno yet. might do some dancing. ‘

          I keep involving my teachers and any local koreans I know, today my professor said she will try to participate because she is trying to learn estonian. we might also do a language cafe


Hwasa slaying


So, today I had the chance to be in the audience in the local version of I can see your voice ( I think it is the 3rd season). It was pretty interesting but naturally you cannot go pee or have a snack or anything, almost 4 hours. And the assistant director was constantly pushing the audience for more and more reaction, like im gonna burst if I do more, my hands hurt and I did feel silly at times. But it was all right, I´m used to doing all the odd stuff as an extra, a TV show is like vacation – but could have used a pee break all the same!

What is funny, is that I knew 3 people from the ones participating. A fellow textile artist, a marine, that I talk to on Instagram, and a young guy who has sang in my dads´choir. It was pretty easy for me, but the council and the players were hilarious. We don´t have the new system yet with all singers lipsyncing at once and also the players who guess are regular people not stars, the star sits with the council and sings the duet. It is so odd that the only rapper in the council is getting it right way more time than the singer, the actress or most of the guest singers. He just reads people well, maybe it is his street smarts? Today, the guest singer was Alika Milova who represented us on Eurovision this year. She has a really powerful voice and she got to sing two totally different but really cool duets.

Im not entirely sure it is not by script because some things were really suspicius.

The show is quite popular but never once have they referenced the Korean original or included any homage to it. A bit disappointing. But I guess they want to make it Our Own Show in a way.

remember when I asked about homemade skincare? well, Key, the ajumma in disguise, demonstrated an option. what is that melon? cucumber?


I have been seriously missing Seo In Guk in a fun and cute drama a la King of High School or Shopaholic Louis, and loooooooooooook:
He is offered a new drama by the writer of High School King of Savvy! OMG! And to top it off, do we get an actual deaf character? It seems challenging enough, but I do hope it is not from a pity point of view. Deaf people are like their own community and with sign language in their toolkit, they actually have leverage. I have around 16 friends with hearing restrictions or deaf. Let´s hope it will be an empowering drama – I´d prefer if he learned to rely on his own strength not a romantic interest, and learned how to come out on top despite hearing loss.


has Cha Seung Won ever done voiceover acting for cartoons? because he´d make a great lion, or wolf or gin. he has this textured and sultry voice.


I found the Insta account of an actress from korea I used to talk to. She´s gotten married in the meantime. I hope she gives another shot 2 directing bc I enjoyed her short films a lot but they R 2014


Taemin´s backup dancers´POV, I haven´t seen this before. I was always curious about them, it is so nice to get to know them a bit. wonderfully talented people.


    I didn’t know Taemin worked with LACHICA. I like them since Street Woman Fighter. They’re awesome.