Updates: so you all know…. Russia is still being a d***. Latest comment from Lavrov: we are attacking Ukraine to avoid war.
BTW My friend got back safe. He saved some musicians … and their cats.
Trying to take down trolls.
I think Zelenskiy is everyones´ Oppa now. Um… Im sorry to say this, but he is more popular than BTS…

everyone, if you can donate to Ukrainian first aid and firefighters, thats the most urgent need, medical supplies. and incubators
for the babies born in bomb shelters.
and if you can post something encouraging to Telegram channels, songs, poems, to give strength to the men fighting.
20000 foreigners have joined as volunteers.

and we in Estonia have received 60000 refugees in 2 days. there is 1million of us, so… we are all pretty busy.

I think russia realizes: they lost everything already. Ukraine conquered the entire world in 1 day. May kindness, love and compassion win over terror, oppression,lies and hate.
sorry, if this is inappropriate.


    Thank you for the update and the ways to help.


      they are most lacking protective gear but recently also basic equipment because more men are joining. Really biggest concern is helmets and fireproof thing because Russians keep setting stuff on fire. For refugees, their urgent need is baby food, harder is school books bc they left everything behind. Children have nothing to study from. any ideas? where to get Ukrainian school and toddlers books? also