I have been seriously missing Seo In Guk in a fun and cute drama a la King of High School or Shopaholic Louis, and loooooooooooook: https://www.soompi.com/article/1610821wpp/seo-in-guk-and-lee-sung-kyung-in-talks-to-lead-new-romance-drama-by-she-was-pretty-writer
He is offered a new drama by the writer of High School King of Savvy! OMG! And to top it off, do we get an actual deaf character? It seems challenging enough, but I do hope it is not from a pity point of view. Deaf people are like their own community and with sign language in their toolkit, they actually have leverage. I have around 16 friends with hearing restrictions or deaf. Let´s hope it will be an empowering drama – I´d prefer if he learned to rely on his own strength not a romantic interest, and learned how to come out on top despite hearing loss.