My Top 20 Kpop Songs of 2019

I’ve seen the Billboard lists and people making their own on various forums, but I wanted to share mine here. Let me know if you have similar music taste as me or where you would rank these songs on your own list (if at all)!
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1. Dramatic – BVNDIT
Dramatic is THE most under-rated release of the year. Released on the heels of BVNDIT’s debut Hocus Pocus, I think Dramatic fell under the radar due to the close timing and lack of a standard MV (although the performance video for this song is just as high quality as a MV).

This song was produced by Hui from Pentagon and perfectly showcases BVNDIT’s unique vocal tones and lower registers. I love the whistling flute sounds and the step up in key of the synths during the chorus. The production is really crisp yet has so many layers. I find myself enjoying something new each time I listen.

The rapping in this song is absolutely incredible; the singer’s husky voice and swift delivery were so unexpected especially if you listened to BVNDIT’s debut that was void of rap.

In sum, this is a masterpiece and my most played song of 2019. Thanks to all who followed along and here’s to more amazing Kpop releases in 2020!


    Definitely a year of girl groups for you. Thank you for sharing, it has been fun and I’ve picked up some new songs.


      I tend to prefer girl groups over boy groups. Hoping SHINee makes a comeback in 2020 once Onew, Key, and Minho exit the military. They are my favorite boy group 🙂 Thanks for following along and glad you found some new songs!


    I admit that I am more of a boy group gal (Shawol started it all!), BUT this was very helpful! Last year your top picks were a complete mystery, this year I managed to recall most of them, so I guess I have updated my knowledge a bit in 2019 😉 Challenge me again in 2020, will you? 😉


    Thank you very much to you for sharing 😊