I like Black, despite the albeit incoherent narrative that gradually plays itself out in several episodes. Where in the past, I had problems connecting with SSH’s acting, I find myself used to his acting style now. Not that he is portraying a difficult role. How difficult is it to look arrogant, look as if every human is beneath him and such. Though I think Kim Tae Woo (I think that’s his name) does that far better than he does. Now my problem is with GAR, who has a pair of dead eyes and a constant constipated look on her face. Her eyes don’t speak a thousand words, and her facial expression doesn’t change, which makes it really jarring to watch because it doesn’t suit the mood of some scenes at all. Even when she smiles, the constipated look and dead eyes still remain. Nothing changes. I am not enamored with her acting at all. If she isn’t the female lead and commands most of the narrative, I would have fast forward all her scenes.