complicated feelings for itaewon class are that i loved it from start to finish, but the end didn’t give the character hijinks it usually did. The stakes were there, tho, and there was SOME hijinks


    spoiler: ex of hijinks that work, yi seo idgaf-ing her way out of getting kidnapped, sae yo ri hard-heading his way into a won fistfight. I thought those were fun, true to character moments. I like how these last couple of episodes were built around seung kwon, but i think they just made a seung kwon commercial. He could have fought and still used other skills he’d gained through his new work.

    But there coulda been more hijinks. IMAGINE. Yi seo escapes and LOOKS for geun won to kill him. That’s some hijinks. I think they nailed Soo ah perfectly tho. I never disliked her, though the director didn’t seem to understand how to evenly show her as a candidate in the love triangle. If she was chosen, it wouldn’t have made narrative sense. But when she wasn’t chosen, it was like–were you even trying?

    AY I HAD MORE THOUGHTS THAN I THOUGHT BUT I LOVED IT ALL i just wish they’d have cut down the romantic motivations maybe 25-50% and replaced it with some of the flaws we know and love, so that we can feel more of their journey but still feel their authenticity