Hi everyone, here’s our latest What’s Up in Dramaland episode. We spend some time talking about the Atlanta shootings and anti-Asian racism – how we feel about it and what kind of response is needed at times like these.

We also give some cultural and historical context on the Joseon Exorcist cancellation and controversies, and look forward to April dramas.

On a personal note: talking about racism and anti-racism to a mixed audience is always a very fraught experience for a person of colour, and one we never take lightly. But we felt like it was something we had to explicitly address, not just to work through our own anger and grief, but also to counter the direction of some of the discourse that we’ve observed.

I hope, whatever perspective you are coming from as you listen, that it gives you a clearer understanding of structucal racism and the part we all play in it, and the part we can play to dismantle it. Because anti-racism is not a feeling, it’s not a declaration that once you give it, you can go home – it’s work, and it’s work that you continuously have to do and keep doing.

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