Beanie level: Contract girlfriend

#It’s Ok to Not be Ok
Oh my gosh the mini black and white silent film at the end of Episode 6, and not only that but the bloopers, whoever made this show is a giant geek and I love it.

(p.s. was that the only hidden ending or have there been more and my ripped streaming service just hasn’t shown them?)


Monday 140421- Wednesday 160421

1:15 am.
The night was slow. It was raining again.

The bell rang. The door opened.
A monk enetered.
Right on time. Without fail. He was completely dry but he shook his umbrella, also dry, anyway, slotting it in and out of the plastic cover rack.
He smiled at Sang Ho and nodded.
Sang Ho bowed back.

1:16 am.
The same order. One raw cuttlefish, a can of iced coffee, and some gummy worms.
The same total. 5151 won.
And mostly, the same conversation.
“Are you having a good night?”, the monk asked in lilted Korean.
“How many goblins so far?”
μ—†μ–΄μœ ” None. So far.
“Ahhh! Good.
Thank you for the coffee,” the monk said with a bow.

He left. The bell rang.
Sang Ho bowed again.
Every Monday. Without fail.

The night was slow.
Sang Ho stared across the store, the rain pelting at the windows.


The boy in the dinosaur costume stared through the window with his mouth open. He held a giant stuffed toy mushroom in one hand and the other was splayed across the pane, smearing it with blood. Sang Ho sighed. He would have to clean it for the third time that night. Blithley, he paid for a banana milk, and with the boy’s eyes following him, opened the door. The bell rang. The boy stared. Sang Ho held out the banana milk. The boy grinned, his face lighting up.
He skipped down the street, mushroom trailing behind him.
A passing imitation of a smile tugged at Sang Ho’s face.
He went back inside.


137 snickers bars tumbled onto the counter, slipping and sliding. Several fell off. A large gauntleted hand replaced them.
They fell off again.
The hand gingerly balanced them back on top of the pile.
They teetered but stayed.
Sang Ho looked down at the snickers and then up at the customer.
Down at the snickers. Up at the customer.
A goblin hit the window with a crunch and slid down the pane, trailing green slime.
Sang Ho blinked, once, twice, thrice, his mouth hanging slightly open in awe.
A rumbling shook the store. A large voice spoke. It wasn’t Korean and yet, Sang Ho found he could understand.
“Put it on the account.”
“λ„€~??” Sang Ho’s voice wavered.
The till screen flashed. A small icon bearing a sword and flame popped up in the bottom left corner briefly before disappearing. The till screen jumped.
All paid.
Sang Ho blinked again.
He turned back to the customer to see if he would like a bag but he was already leaving, snickers bars piled high in his arms, sword dangling at his side, and cape swishing behind him.
His tawny wings clipped the door on the way out.
The bell jingled furiously.

After that, there were fewer goblins, and Sang Ho had to clean the windows less frequently, but order many, many more boxes of snickers.



    goblins!! this is getting so more and more exciting~~
    but seriously, I love that they can pay *just like that* and the slow building of this world!


    All the very specific numbers…do we need to study numerology? My last most memorable run in with numerology was at college – during an independent activities period, the Physics department had lectures on the special numbers underlying our understanding of the universe.

    Will have to pay attention, see if these numbers keep appearing…


      *considers explaining herself from a literature and language technique perspective* *decides not to in favour of cultivating the mystery*



        5151 looks like Unicode.


          Okay this is hilarious and I can’t help myself explaining now.

          I’ve always found oddly specific numbers to be strangely comedic. They invoke a sense of detail in the obscure, a sense of preciseness in the absurd.
          They are used intentionally here for that effect and were not designed to have any greater significance (other than 5151 sort of but not really mirroring the time 1:15); they were designed to seem significant but actually be random.
          Because that increases the sense of the absurd and the unnatural (or in this case supernatural) when the numbers have no revealed meaning; the randomness contributes to the sense of unpredictability and surrealism that I’m trying to achieve through this little serial. Thus contributing overall to “liminal space slice of life”, almost at times satirically nihilistic, tone.

          What makes this even funnier is that there IS actually unintentionally meaning to two of these numbers that I did not realise before:
          1) When you Google that unicode Han Character it says it means “cash”… So the amount of money he pays is literally cash 😂😂
          2) 1, 3 and 7 are often seen as biblical numbers because they appear with spiritual significance in the Bible multiple times (along with 12, which is also what 5151 adds up to, funnily enough).
          I didn’t pick 137 on purpose for this reason, unless it was subconscious, but yes, that is an angel buying the snickers bars.

          So here we have a fantastic example of where the language technique that was actually used deliberately is different from the one the English Teacher would say was used deliberately, and yet both if them work, even if one is most likely coincidental.
          (Or…is it? 👀)


Mystic Pop Up Bar Final Review

It is sublimely satisfying to watch a show that knows what it is, where it is going and how it is going to get there. In my experience that is such an uncommon trait to find in a drama. A crew behind the helm who is not only competent but who understands their story is as precious as gold.
And I cannot express just how much I appreciated that. It’s so rare to have a drama that keeps its integrity to itself, to its characters and themes for the whole way through, and doesn’t assassinate them, or drive them off a cliff, or maybe never cared about them in the first place, and so I find that even though this show is not perfect, and I can completely understand people being more mad at than I am for its discrepancies, its integrity to itself is highly commendable and must be recognised.

No, this drama wasn’t perfect, but then what drama 100% is.
There were a few emotional beats in episode 9 that felt a little rushed for example (a result of the episode count, however I would 1/12 episodes with a little rush, over 6/16 episodes of drivel and drag any day of the week), as well as the obvious minor discrepancies with the finale, and some β€œoh ok, that worked?” moments at the beginning.

But even with the absurdities of the first couple of episodes (the CIA shenanigans for one), I didn’t find that it pulled me out of the story, even if it was farfetched and ridiculous. Rather, it established a comedic tone and style to the story. It was apparent that this show knew it what it was doing, and knew what it was. It knew these events were a bit crazy and farfetched, but then when you had an afterlife games competition to see who would get a chance to appear to their descendants in a dream, and an entire episode dedicated to stealing a conception dream… it wasn’t so hard to believe that the world in which this drama was set was just a little bit absurd, a little bit funky and fantastical, and that was ok, in this case, because that was the point. It is after all a fantasy.

(That being said, if you weren’t sold by this tone in the first half, and couldn’t accept some of the shenanigans at face value; I can completely understand that, and I don’t think everyone will find this show palatable, or as enjoyable as I did, in part for this reason. There is a very fine line between a show being the right amount of realistic vs fantastical for its story to work, and not all shows have the same line, and that line can be make or break for many people.)

Something that really stood out to me was that although I found most of the reveals in this to be predictable, this did not bother me.
Usually, this would bother me. I can think of several dramas I have sinned for being too predictable.
But in this, I did not. Rather I looked forward to the each reveal and what that would bring, and the emotional beats still managed, for the most part, to hit even though I knew they were coming.
I think part of this has to do with each reveal making the most sense narratively. The reveals were not reveals only made to trick you or shock you, nor was each reveal and how it was executed the sole thing driving the plot or conflict.
But each reveal was narratively important; each made so much sense to the greater story that it was only natural that these things WERE, that these things almost HAD to be the way they were revealed, because anything else would’ve been a betrayal of the story.
Guibangjang is the Crown Prince.
Yeo Rin is the Cinnabar.
Kang Bae is their child and the Sacred Tree.
There is no other explanation other than those. They are the best explanations, and the best possible answers for the story to be what it is.
Because each of those facts only contributes to the greater story, in a positive way, rather than making more plot holes, or requiring mental gymnastics for them to make sense.
Guibangjang’s service to Weol Ju now, mirrors what he couldn’t do then. Yeo Rin and Kang Bae’s spiritual balance was evident from the beginning, deliberately of course, and then needed, and finally just poetic; although nothing actually came of their necessary compatibility whilst they were both β€œcursed”, and that’s because both the Sacred Tree and the Cinnabar’s grudges were resolved, there’s still something beautiful about them being compatible souls in spite of everything.
Balance symbology just writes itself ok.
(Oh how I badly want to make an A:TLA and Zutara reference here but not enough of you have watched that!)

My only discrepancy with the reveals is that the show did at times get a little carried away with trying to convince me that the Crown Prince’s identity was unknown and it could be either Kang Bae or Guibangjang. This was annoying because the misdirects for me were blatant and obvious, and not effective because Kang Bae being the Prince would betray everything the show set up, and therefore they were not even very funny. I don’t know if anyone else had this issue though.

Anyway, moving on.

The narrative and emotional resolution of Weol Ju’s arc in particular was very satisfying for me, because it came in a fully complete circle, in multiple ways:

Weol Ju from Joseon doesn’t resent her gift of being able to enter dreams and appease grudges. Then she is seemingly betrayed, her mother murdered, and her lover, or so she thinks, abandons her. She loses hope and kills herself.
Therefore she becomes embittered and cynical. But she is willing to take the 500 years of community service to lift the curse on her unborn child.
Then she meets her unborn child in the present time. Unbeknownst to her, both her lover and her child help her finish her task.
The Grudges she is tasked with healing then specifically mirror her experiences and the things she has been through 500 years ago and thus she relates to the humans because of this.

And the way these grudges are resolved, the way she deals with them changes, to mirror her development. It starts with anger and resentment, it ends with just being there and being able to listen to people again, and not holding their grudges against them, because of her own. There is a progression of reaction and emotions from anger through to compassion, until ultimately the final grudge that is alleviated is her own.

And how is this alleviated? In a final confrontation that is also a denouement of everything she has been through- in that she decides to take Wonhyung in, not because it would total her score, and settle the grudge of the Tree alone, but because it is the right thing to do, and she has now learnt over the course of the show (and each prior grudge also helped to showcase this) that actions have consequences and that taking matters into your own hands doesn’t always solve problems, and can cause more hurt for others (see: her child). Even when she wanted to push him in, she didn’t,
and thus we have this thing called character development wow it actually exists sometimes who knew. (I mean obviously, he falls in anyway, but it’s her actions that are significant here, and have weight and meaning.)

Finally, her arc comes in a complete circle when she asks to go back to the living world, so she can continue to help humans, like she did as a young girl, her grudges all relieved, the growth and healing she has found, she can now fully offer to others.*
Thus, even though her and Guibangjang staying immortal as the bar owners for all eternity waiting for their 27 year old son to apparently just grow old and die IS a glaring plot hole, character wise I like that Weol Ju’s choice here is simply a completion of her character arc.

On top of this, I am a sucker for anything involving some good old fashioned sacrificial love, be it familial, philia (not done enough), agape (also not done enough, believe it or not), or you know the one that everyone does, eros. And I don’t mean manufactured conflict resulting in noble idiocy, I mean characters that would die for things, or people, and die like a million times over, characters that have audacity and fortitude. (*coughs in the general direction of Tree With Deep Roots*)
There is a familial synergy apparent in the sacrifice in this show too. The husband dying for the wife, the mother for the child.

And I really liked that these sacrifices were anticipated throughout the whole show, and were narrative choices that made complete sense. Weol Ju wasn’t just prepared to give up everything for only her child, but for Kang Bae even before she knew who he was. What happened to her didn’t really matter to her, as long as she was able to make good her word to Kang Bae, and ease her child’s soul, or for that matter any lost child’s soul.
Similarly, Guibangjang only ever wanted to ease Weol Ju’s burden, to make good his promise to her to protect her, even if she never knew, even to the point of going to hell for her, because there was nothing he wanted more than for the woman he loved to be at peace.
And this was mirrored in the fi…[Read more]


I have 17507 comments that are not on article threads, and not my main wall posts.
17000, seventeen thousand, comments unaccounted for, hiding on other peoples walls and in the comments sections of my own posts. That’s more than anyone else has total comments. What the crivens is wrong with me.


    Waaaah! How did you calculate that?


      Mmmm so there are 20 posts to each page of fanwall, and 50 to each page of comments.

      You can see the total number of comment pages you have down the bottom of your comments tag.
      However, for both fanwall and comments, the last page has up to or less than 50 or 20 respectively.
      So to calculate the total number of article comments is (c-1) x 50 + n, where c is the total page number and n the number of comments on the final page.
      You can work out your total fanwall page number with a little bit of sneaky url editing, and then just sort of picking a page number and working up or down till you hit your total.
      (Mine is 134 for example).
      Same formula applies for total fanwall post calculation: (f-1) x 20 + n, where f is the total number of fanwall pages, and n the number of posts on the final page.
      Add those two totals together, subtract from your TOTAL comment count on your little stats bar, and voila: number of comments remaining.
      Thus for me (as of when I calculated this, which was before this post):
      133×20+13=2673 fanwall posts
      60×50+4=3004 article comments
      = 5627
      23134- 5627 = 17507.

      I worked out that if I comment an average of 5 times on each of my wall posts, that’s about 13000 comments in of itself, leaving about 4k for other people’s walls, which is probably, about right to be honest. Obviously, I’m just guessing that average- I know some of my own threads I comment up to 20 or 50 times, and some none at all.


    What do you mean by β€œwrong”? What’s wrong with being a prolific and passionate writer, essayist, sh*tposter?






*when you haven’t really made any serious art in like a month and a drama makes you want to art and it’s NOT a shxtpost O_o*


Ahhh~ It\’s Ok makes me want to drawww.


Apologies, the link I shared the other day with The Beanie Level Glossary is INCORRECT and will ask you to request access. The following link anyone can view the document with:

(I thought my default google doc settings was on anyone-with-link-anywhere-can-view but apparently not)



Half of me feels like I should be mad at this show’s obnoxiously perfect happy ending and the other half of me is like β€œno it was in character with the rest of the show it’s a bloody fairytale it’s not gonna end sadly”. Like one side of me is going β€œdoes the perfect bow on the end mean the stakes are meaningless and the sacrifices have no emotional weight?”, and the other side is going β€œbut Guibangjang and Weol Ju would’ve died 100000 times over for each other and for Kang Bae and they accepted their fates selflessly with no expectations, and then were rewarded for their sacrifice, so no, the sacrifices didn’t mean nothing.”
On the other other hand all you had to do, Show, was explain why Guibangjang didn’t have to go to Eternal Hell or whatever it was in place of Weol Ju and I would be like 100% happy with the ending instead of you know, 98% happy. Oh and maybe also explain why they suddenly aged like 20 years after dying in Joseon, too.
That’s like it.
Like, I can come up with an explanation, (1) Heaven was like well you already died for her once so that cancels the contract, 2) Heaven negotiated with him and said if he went to find Weol Ju in the staircase abyss they\’d consider the contract void or something, 3) he really did just trade her soul for some police files), but that’s not my job, and you didn’t SHOW me any of those.
I’m gonna go to bed before I start overthinking in what capacity of mortality they returned to the Living Realm and and tomorrow you might even get like a very rare thing that is a uhm positive essay on a kdrama, so please mentally prepare yourselves for that truly once in a lifetime event, you know, as horrifying as me liking something sounds, it does happen occasionally.
If your impression of me has been shattered, I’m so sorry, there are free returns at the bar.

(Was I still kinda holding out on a cheesy True Love’s Kiss despite the fact that I got a double familial sacrifice instead, which is in many ways objectively better? Yes…)


    Haha, I have exactly the same thoughts about how come they didn’t explain why Guibangjang managed to escape Eternal Hell and can be together with Weol Ju. It did take away a small part of my overall enjoyment of the happy ending but then after 1 minute of (over)thinking, I decided, you know what, I am not going to harp on the small quibbles and just focus on the happy – the three of them are back together 💃🏻💃🏻 Kang-bae deserves all the happiness in the world. The three of them are just so precious


    Awww I liked the ending. I guess I rationalized it as “they’ve suffered for 500 years. That’s enough. Even the heaven’s gotta have mercy and break protocol sometimes”

    And to my surprise, I liked the cookie-cutter villain. I thought in this case, it made sense.
    I shocked myself by enjoying it thoroughly, even with all them glaring flaws.


Sicarius’ Field Guide to the Beanie Levels.

What are they?
The Beanie Levels are achievement levels attained by an unknown points system; every time you reach a certain combination of invisible points, you level up. They serve no other purpose other than entertainment and fun, and also to be the bane of the existence of yours truly. Ahem.
They are named after and for various and often significant dramaland tropes, roles, items or character descriptions, often referencing a specific drama (e.g. The Goblin’s Underpants), or have a single drama in mind, but are applicable to much more.

I am in the process of compiling a comprehensive glossary of all known levels, a brief description of what said level is, and any key dramas that this level either occurs in or comes from in a google doc hither:
(@loisom, you will find a definition of Water Maid here. Apologies for the mess below level 8; I haven’t touched this since January and it’s an ongoing project.)

How do they work?
*retreats to a corner and screams*
I’m sorry, it’s just that, we don’t really know. At least not the details.
The invisible points system (if it even is a points system) which determines when and how you level up is mostly unknown in its workings and minions are sworn to secrecy.
However I can tell you 7 things.

1. Any and all activity on Dramabeans does contribute in some capacity to levelling up.
Upvotes, comments, followers, rate of posting, how often you come on, and (probably) word count.
2. But specifically (through much research, tears and testing) activity on recaps, articles and news threads. Especially at higher levels, this seems to be the most important contributor.
3. For DB staff and minions, the number of articles they publish and activity on said articles contributes to levelling up. This also seems to be β€œworth” more in the invisible system.
4. The higher the level, the harder it is to achieve it. The lower levels are much easier and quicker to attain, and often only need a certain number of likes or followers. The higher the level, currently the vaguer the requirements and the much longer time needed.
5. Errand Boy is known to be one of the hardest levels to pass. (Hwaiting Errand Boys!)
6. Sometimes none of the above appears to be true.
7. The highest level currently achieved,
By a minion or staff member: Mystical Brain Fetus
By a beanie: Contract Girlfriend

Overall, the more active you are everywhere, and the more regular this activity is, the more likely you are to level up.

If you would like to contribute to the Great Beanie Level Algorithm Cause, you can make a note of your statistics and the date whenever you level up and tag me.

And, if you have any more questions, do not hesitate to ask. That’s all for now. πŸ™‚
(Disclaimer: I am not a Dramabeans Minion. This is not an official article by the State of Dramabeans. This is a Melonia Fan Project; I am simply obsessed with numbers and archiving, and have done all this research out of sheer curiosity and to provide beanies with useful information. One day, I will crack the Level Up Algorithm.)


You know what else was great? Ending last week on that cliff hanger and then not resolving it immediately today and having Guibangjang say \”well that was anticlimactic\”. I see you, show. I see you. You cheeky little thing, you. Now don\’t you dare send him to hell without knowing he has A SON.


    Don’t they dare send him to hell at all. I need a happy ending T_T


      I agree. I want a reincarnation of these three perfect trio family atleast even after 500 years.♥️


      Hehehehe on the one hand I want and expect almost another twist for happy endings all round; on the other hand I’m not opposed to some well placed sacrificial love πŸ˜›

      (If you’ve watched it already don’t tell me what happens- I’ll only be able to watch it later this evening. )


Shout out to the Whoevers who called her being with child and Kang Bae being the Tree/ their kid from like episode 3 or whatever it was. So glad I saw that theory and went \”oh yeah duh\” early too.
ALSO I\’M SO SAD MYSTIC IS ENDING TOMORROW. What do you mean my family only has less than 1 episode to be together and KNOW IT.
The conundrum:
Dramaland is finally listening to me and my petition for more 12 episode shows.
The 12 episode shows are actually good, are written succinctly and tightly, by people who know where their story is going and how to get there and end when they should so they don\’t drag.
The 12 episode shows are actually good and therefore I don\’t want them to end!!!!!! Dangit.


    Totally agree with you on every point.
    I never figured out Kang Bae was the sacred tree and the baby.
    And yes to more 12 drama episodes.
    Most dramas have at least two episodes that are there just for refill, adding nothing to the drama and with leads staring to the emptiness and nothing more (I can’t help but think about When my love blooms, my most recent frustration).


      Hah. That’s funny.
      It’s hard to say if I would’ve made that connection without seeing that theory early but then I’ve found most of the reveals in this to be pretty predictable (but in a good way for once) and it did become pretty clear once Kang Bae learnt of the extra part to her punishment, at least for me. But I guess it’s good not everyone guessed it because they were good reveals, even when you could see it coming (I haven’t quite worked out why the reveals in this work even when I know them. Because in other shows it takes me out of it completely. I’ll keep analysing that one.)

      Yeahp I’ve been saying for years (probably since Sassy Go Go actually) that most 16 episode shows should be 12 and most 20s should be 16 (with a few exceptions ofc, but exceptions are not the rule). 12 really avoids filler, drag and noble idiocy or manufactured silly of any kind- mostly because there’s just no time!
      However, you do still need good hands behind the helm- because ultimately it’s whether the writer and director know what they’re doing with their story that sinks or sails a show. E.g Kill It definitely benefited from being 12 eps, and had all the material to be good, but was still pretty sub par overall.
      But in general, I think a large percentage of shows, especially rom coms, if they cut 4 episodes off they’d already be better.


        I also figured it would be true after reading the theories Kang Bar could be their son, but I’m not sure I would have figured it out so soon.
        You are so right about Kill it. It was good because it was only 12 episodes. It was bad because it had so many plot holes (I still don’t know what was the point with the blue eyes…). Most crime dramas would benefit for it, not only rom cons (you’ve remind me of Tell me what you saw and that strange experience that was Memorist… where the killer appeared for the first time on episode 12 😳).


          FWIW: Splish Splash Love; Girl K. Some shows benefit from being only 2 or 3 episodes. Try to imagine SSL if it was stretched out to 16.


            Oh I don’t have to imagine that Lord Cobol; it already exists. It’s called Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo and it’s 20 episodes and a trainwreck 😜😉

            Joking aside, I agree that some dramas should be even less than 12, especially drama specials and web dramas, and see SSL as more of a movie than anything… because it’s basically a movie.


    So many dramas could have been better only if they were 12/13 episodes long.


More umbrella spazzing/STORY TIME (which idk if you need to know but that’s fine):

Like sure. You all know about me and skulls and jester hats. No brainer. At face value that’s enough for me to spaz right? Right.

So I’m an artist (no, really?) and recently I have been thinking about branding and logos and the concept of I guess multi logo branding.
Because I have a lot of different styles of art and I don’t want to give up any of them for another. On top of this I could think of no single icon to cover or represent all of my art and I like the idea of non traditional marketing and image based branding.
So I had this idea of using multiple icons from across my styles and creating I guess a portfolio of images that can be used interchangeably in branding depending on what it is I’m selling.
I am aware this goes against what everyone “says” branding should be, and how one should sell yourself or your work online, but uhm I’m me, and I don’t want to compromise my artistic integrity for the sake of an algorithm and all the best ideas break the rules anyway.

All this is to say that my intent is to use the below picture as one of the chosen icons for my art “brand”, or a variant of it.
Mostly due to the fact that I want to actually take the Jester version of myself you have all seen me draw in my shitposts and turn that into a comic character almost, and have a series of illustrations etc set in and around it and its world and adventures (aka… me… In my imagination…)
And then this show comes along with a sociopathic female lead who likes knives, wears killer heels, earrings AND sunglasses, rocks a swanky purple dress and has a frakking harlequin skull umbrella.
I feel like I’m losing my mind for the fifth time this week. First purple Melonas, now this?
It was only the other day I was looking up cane swords and customised heirloom heraldry handles.
And now there’s an Italian company that makes umbrellas with one of my chosen signature icons as the handle?? Excuse me?????
I need a matching umbrella and cane sword stat, si vous plais. For… Business reasons. Of course.
*Wishing I had $800 NZD to drop rn*

So if I can’t get over this stupid umbrella, you know why. Oh and I really wanna know what stylist found this thing and decided to … buy it? Get… Sponsored by an Italian Parasol Company? What? How. Why. Look I’m not complaining but I NEED ANSWERS.


    Can I ask something? How different are these styles? I mean plenty of companies have different names and logos if they are selling different products, you can’t sell cheese and shoes using the same name, well, you can, but it won’t inspire much trust. Even selling the same kind of thing is sometimes split into two brands if the market they aim is different. If the styles are indeed very different it’s actually better if you use different names and logos. Anyway, I don’t even know if you wanted an opinion. πŸ˜›


      And hoping we can goad/encourage you to post examples of the other logos/brands/styles πŸ™‚


      Uhm quite different. At least to me. And at the same time… all me. Although I’d be interested to see if you thought they were all that different.
      The easiest way is just to stalk me on insta to be honest- and make a verdict for yourself:
      And actually no, I appreciate this feedback. A lot of how “internet creators” say artists especially can get a following (on insta for example) is by saying they should stick to one style or niche market so that you’re recognisable and so that you draw a certain audience to a certain niche. I personally hate the idea of … conforming ahem and thrive of my somewhat chaotic and eclectic style in many areas of my lyfe, art included. I also know that what leetle followers I do have appreciate the weirdness that comes from that. So this was actually reassuring, that just cos some people say otherwise, doesn’t mean they’re right.


        Thanks! I’ve always liked your illustrations and part of the reason was because you seem to know your own style. It was nice to know more of them. I’ve tried to understand why you think there is a big difference between them but I confess to me it feels like the same person is behind it which is a very good thing. You should explore different areas of interest but if you have found your true voice, forgive me the corniness, its so early in the morning, chances are, you will express yourself in ways that people will still know something it’s yours.


*me last night, probably distracted by the shoes, not properly registering the handle*:
*me this morning*: it’s got a … A WHAT NOW ON IT????!!!!!

This is not a drill, her umbrella handle has a jester skull on it, yes, a Jester. Skull. And I need it, quite badly.

*if I continue to freak out over this umbrella you’ve been warned but I will not apologise*


I cannot express to you how much, just like, #same.



*me, over any sharp and shiny thing*
*strokes her karambit in the corner disturbingly*


*adds to her sunglasses hoard*


I see the fan wall has become just exclusively a SYJ fanwall- I’m not complaining.


Saturday 120421
The intersection glowed in the fading pink light as the sun sank. The cat from across the street swished its tail. The restaurant waitress unfolded the sign. The bell rang. The door opened. Nobody entered.

The monotonous tik takking of the train over head shuddered past. The sun winked out. Sang Ho scanned the man\’s strawberry milk across the counter. Beep.
The bell rang. The door opened. The man walked out.

The cat yawned and curled up on a jar lid. Sang Ho rubbed his eyes, and sighed. The green light of the convenience store sign hummed and glowed in the grey darkling dusk.
The intersection woke up.


\”-what you\’re talking about is a pyroclastic flow, and it can go up to 700 kilometres per hr~\” the droning of the lecture from the phone\’s cracked screen filled the quiet store. Outside it started to rain. Sang Ho\’s vision blurred and he jerked himself awake. His Physics final was on Friday. The bell rang. He stood up and bowed.

The rain dripped down the windows. A bloody faced samurai outside decapitated a Mongol with one swing of his sword. The Head screamed before disappearing in a puff of blue sparks that sizzled and smoked, along with his body. Sang Ho scanned 5 snickers bars, a packet of udon and a lighter.
It was 3am.


    strangely, this reads like something someone would write at 3am. don’t ask me why, it just feels like it lol