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Well, we\’re not getting gateway time outs anymore but that\’s the (I WAS counting but it\’s over 10 now so I stopped) time today a page has just flat out failed to load AT all for me, giving me a black screen. The fanwall is also extra broken and loads a trillion times slower (as if that were possible) and upvoting now takes 13 seconds (I did keep count of that one)…


    Upvoting has always been bad for me. It usually completely crashes the page.


      It’s hit or miss for me. On big recaps threads it can be slow. On my own page usually not as much. But then it has bouts! Randomly! And I don’t think I’ve ever had it as bad as today!

      But ironically shortly after posting this dB is now suddenly loading faster than it has ever loaded in like … the past year… Lmao.
      Which goodness knows if that’s universal. Or will last.

      How to make head to tails of anything, I don’t know. 😅🤷‍♀️


    I don’t have that problem but there’s something else weird.
    In chrome (on Windows) the fan posts page always logs me out (or at least displays me as not logged in). That always used to work and I spend a lot of time there.
    BUT, that page works in Firefox, and other parts of the site work ok in Chrome. It’s just that one page.


Not 100% sure why, perhaps something to do with the chord progressions and tone, but instead of the OST, Unforgettable Love, I got this stuck in my head after My Dearest Episode 10 ended. And then I realized bittersweetly that it probably fits the show and the OTP extremely wellโ€ฆ too well, perhaps. (dare I even say, better than the OST itselfโ€ฆ 👀🙊)
Sharing the lyrics version for that reason.

I love this song unrelated to the drama though. It is, imo, one of Zicoโ€™s best songs, or perhaps even his best song, if I had the words to flail about it more, I would, and I like to listen to it on repeat and cry (internally) when Iโ€™m sad. And the absolutely heart wrenching and earth shattering decision to put it at the very end of the entire alum? asdfghjkl can you not.

Anyway, itโ€™s an honourary OST now to me. 😂


    Very beautiful song!


    Wowโ€ฆ heโ€™s labelled as a rapper and sings so sweetly like this.
    Itโ€™s really beautiful and sounds like it does belong on the ost for My Dearest.
    You can feel the heartbreak when the strings come in and crescendo and you can visualise GC or JH with tears in their eyes and then the scene panning out to a stunning panoramic view.
    I hope they release the full ost soon, I can only find the few single tracks that are out so far.
    The music is such an integral part of the show that makes it so great.


      Oh. This is not Zico singing! Haha although he can sing.
      Jehwi is the one who is singing here though, the featured artist.
      Zico listed as a rapper yes did write the song though, so perhaps that’s equally as wow idk 🤣
      He’s a rapper, artist and producer, and crossover from Kpop to Khiphop to uhm whatever this song is quite seamlessly nonetheless.

      I don’t think I’ll ever be over the crescendo in this song tbh, and I am pining for the score to be released so bad haha.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmโ€ฆ *taps her fingers on the desk in a pensive and persisting tattoo*

My Dearest #10


My Dearest #9


Oh my gosh.


The most enduring member of the Punchable Face List?
Yeah. 🙊🙈😂

(Does it KNOW? Adjfhakld. it’s like it’s trying to PROVE the Criteria Hypothesis lmfao)
Destined With You #4


    But he’s supposed to be punchable! At least in this scene.

    Sic, why are you torturing yourself with this? Are You TOO HAPPY? 🤣 Are you wearing a Hawai’ian shirt at a funeral? Wouldn’t you rather be in pain and keep a low profile? It’s so kind of you to make this sacrifice to provide the rest of us with fanwall moments of pleasure, but I worry about your blood pressure.


    Oh I had a boy who once โ€˜accusedโ€™ me of appearing on his dream unannounced 🥸 I was all โ€˜sorry man, that wasnโ€™t my plan. Byeโ€™ 😆


… Oh, she’s me. I’m so sorry 🤣🤣🤣
Destined With You #3


_ The other night the wind was warm and the sky was purple and a few spots of rain fell on my face as I biked home and I breathed deep the silence of the blue street, my soul singing out in a voiceless whisper for the missed spring.

The river is turning from kingfisher teal and brown to brown and gold, and there are fresh aspen buds on the hawthorn trees, and crocuses poking their heads above the dead earth.
The moon sits deep and Blue and heavy tonight, gilded, as it hangs in an indigo sky like liquid treasure. Soon, Jupiter will rise, jovial with the spring.


I lie in a fallow field again, with the sun pressing down on my chest as my bones rot, sinking deep, waiting for the new season of sowing to come, tomorrow, next month, next year, next decade.

I lie in a clearing in the Dark Forest, waiting for a gap the trees to appear again, so I can take another step forward, and another, and another. The sun filters down green gold through dark leaves and around the chains on my lungs, daffodils grow.

A bird calls distantly, and I must go, go, go.


_ My soul shatters into another piece, framed and painted and hung up on a high wall for the world to see, the card underneath it reads my name that is not my name.

My shadow splits, and splits again, like a jigsaw puzzle that can never be made, crafting a new marionette, to exist in a new green room, a toy, a new doll, a new product, dangling on decorated lines.

Behind my face, is a ่ฎŠ่‡‰; a Biร n LiวŽn. And behind that face, another face, and another face, and yet another. My face is not my own, and I no longer know who I am.


thereโ€™s a cemetery to the train tracks. the train is alive, red and yellow and always rumbling. big and black, loud and oily, a great tangy metallic beast of burden. the air rushes with it and sometimes if you stand too close it cuts the veil between this world and the next.

on the other side, life flashes by just as fast, the township a whirl of colour, a storm of scents, an ever-heaving breathing of lifeโ€ฆ and death.
i am always on the wrong side of the tracks. watching the world flash by like a flickering screen, my heart beating fast and faster with every breath it takes.
i never cross the train tracks, though. i cannot; the train is always running.

there is a cemetery next to the train tracks. the road there from the tracks is metalled and smells of tar and rain. the cemetery is cool and quiet and green. it sits on the edge of the flashing world surrounded by tall trees, a space between. rosemary and lilacs grow there and an angel guards the road, her white wings an enveloping shroud, her cracked tears a silent comfort, calling back souls and grief from the sundered veil.

i am stuck on this side of the tracks. and the train is always running.
but sometimes, on the too worn path between the cemetery and the train tracks, the angel walks with me.

โ€” love, august


The Royal Secretary, the Hat Monster, is pleased to announce, that today, the 31st of August Anno Domini 2023, Day of the Blue Supermoon, is Her Majesty, the Queen of Meloniaโ€™s Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me and the first time Iโ€™ve changed my dp in ever ^-^



Who said. You could look like that.
My Dearest #8


I know you do not love me yet. I also know that your heart still belongs to Yeon Jun. However, even if you do not love me, please do not forget me. On this day, this very moment you spent with meโ€ฆ Do not ever forget it.

Ep 8 preview was mean tho 👀
My Dearest #7: Mini Spam END


    The colour combinations are a feast for the eyes. That alone made me watch the scene several times.


    Oh my god. My heart. And then that preview. Oof!


Heโ€™s SO annoying, and SO earnest, all at the same time. SIR.
My Dearest #7: Mini Spam 4


Can’t wait till she stops denying her feelings, well and truly~
My Dearest #7: Mini Spam 3


(… I’m fine.)

My Dearest #7: Mini Spam 2</b


Fun fact, one of the few times Sic, the non crier, has almost cried whilst watching a kdrama, was in Hot Stove League, when this man was also crying.
(I signed up for this though… hmmm yes, that did happen)

My Dearest #7: Mini Spam 1</b


They could heard us *snickers*
My Dearest #7


    In an episode full of feelings, I was happy for that little laugh.


    Comment was deleted


    I smacked the couch, that was such a crackup and his servant laughed too. Itโ€™s like in old movies when actors didnโ€™t know what to do with their hands, they lit a cigarette.


Awwww! More Jannabi needledrops~! Yay!
Destined With You #2


MY DEAREST: Sic Did A Thing™, Again

I do not know what possessed me to look this up, honestly.

I was sitting there last night, (whilst watching Destined With You of all things, not even relevant), thinking about the Moon, and how when Jang Hyun goes to the Manchu camp and Gil Chae the Island thereโ€™s a full moon. And I went โ€œwouldnโ€™t it be funny ifโ€ฆ like what ifโ€ฆโ€

So I did. Right then and there.

I looked up the Moon Phases of 1637.

And there on the 10th of January.

Is a Full Moon.

And the month before, on the 19th of December, is a quarter moon.

I LOST it. I laughed so hard.
Thereโ€™s no way right? Thereโ€™s no frakking way they actually thought that far into their worldbuilding to match their timeline to the historic one by getting the freaking MOON PHASES historically accurate. No way. The level of commitment to your story that would need. Thatโ€™s not even the kind of thing you do for your audience, thatโ€™s just for yourself basically, thatโ€™s all for your peace of mind so that YOU know the logistics of your story work. Thatโ€™s the kind of batshit thing I WOULD DO even if it doesnโ€™t even directly affect the story to get it right or wrong. Thatโ€™s not setting your story IN a time period, thatโ€™s setting your story BY the time period, by the MOON. Thatโ€™s insane.

But, but no, the 10th definitely lined up.
(You know, like. 3 days after he enters the fortress and meets the prince and talks about going to the Manchu campโ€ฆ)

And the 19th quarter moon was roughly correct too. The moon the night JH saves the girls, and when they meet again in the war camp, is roughly a quarter moon. And my first instinct off what I knew about the dates for that, was โ€yeah, that couldโ€™ve been around the 19th tooโ€ฆ and those events are maybe close enough to not require much change in what the moon looks likeโ€ฆ maybeโ€ฆโ€

So that was me last night. Loosing my mind about this possibility, desperately knowing I needed to corroborate this more before sharing it because I didnโ€™t want to get it wrong. But I was DELIGHTED AT THE POSSIBILITY nonetheless.

Where are we this afternoon, after having spent several hrs triple checking this.

Well, itโ€™s STILL KIND OF CORRRECt? Except I also think Iโ€™m so far down the warren I canโ€™t get out. Please send help.

Let me expand.

So as I said

Moon Phases:

1636 December,
12th Full Moon
19th Last Quarter (Waning)
27th New Moon
Last New Moon of 1636: Dec 27th

1637 January,
4th First Quarter (Waxing)
10th / 11th Full Moon
26th New Moon (also I think the Lunar New Year?? Year of the Fire Oxโ€ฆ)

Historical Dates:

9th Dec โ€“ Outbreak of Invasion
14th Dec โ€“ Hanseong surrounded, the King enters Namhansanseong
– Sends a message asking for reinforcements after this
26th Dec โ€“ Envoy sends Oxen and Wine to the Manchu before the New Year*

27th Jan – Dorgon captures Ganghwa and the Second Son**
28th Jan โ€“ Joseon surrenders **
(see Kiaraโ€™s wall for more)

Show Dates, mentioned in CAPITALS / and my Approximate Times, with possible, theoretical dates in (brackets):


End of Episode 2, Start of Episode 4 onwards:
Sometime between the 9th of Dec and the 14th of Dec โ€“

Day 1 – Village hears word of the invasion on the eve of the 60th Wedding Anniversary
The king has been โ€œcapturedโ€ (surrounded and under siege)
Scholars and Elders discuss invasion
Kingโ€™s orders for volunteers arrives at village that night
King in fortress
(Dec 14)

Day 2 โ€“ Joseon envoy killed.
Village young men recruit and announce theyโ€™re volunteering to go fight.
Start training in the evening
(Dec 15)

Day 3- Gil Chae manipulates a wedding proposal out of Song Yak.
That night Jang Hyun talks to the elders about not letting the young people marry.
(Dec 16)

Day 4 โ€“ Gil Chae slaps Jang Hyun in the evening lol
(Dec 17)

Day 5 – The soldiers leave and say farewell to the women
JH and co split from the soldiers
JH and co go to the shrine overlooking the mountain road
The girls pray
The soldiers reach reinforcements and are ambushed
Ryang Eum goes to the village, the invaders arrive
GC sees the smoke whilst praying
The village evacuates
The old couple dies
The girls cannot take the boat and flee to the mountains
The Night of Life and Death
(Dec 18)

Day 6 – Second day on the run
JH and co catch up with the invaders
Second night on the run, no food, GC dreams
Theyโ€™re attacked and JH and co arrive to save them

That same night- moon IS indeed a quarter moon.
(However it is, alas, a First Quarter Waxing Moon*. Weโ€™ll get back to this)
(Dec 19)

And now Iโ€™m going to stop marking potential dates because it gets confusing โ€“ but bear with me, youโ€™ll see:

Next Morning โ€“
They split up
JH and company find the soldiers
They spend a NIGHT together

They arrive at Mount GWANGGYEO possibly the day after (???) but this is uncertain

The girls find the farm
There is no night spent here on screen
But they meet other refugees later and decide to follow them and the men to the military camp at GWANGGYEO

The Joseon camp is attack immediately
Yeon Jun is injured

GC and co are helping at the infirmary and it seems like theyโ€™ve been there for some time but this is also uncertain

JH takes YJ to the infirmary
JH and co reunite with the women
– this is the same day presumably as the fight, and therefore the same day JH and co arrived at the Camp. (Did the girls get there first? Yes? No? How so?)

JH and GC fight etc.
That night JH looks at the moon again and itโ€™s a quarter still although a somewhat โ€œfullerโ€ quarter, if you ask me, and still a Waxing Quarter*.


> In the infirmary, Gil Chae holds the hand (HANDS motif) of a young boy with an arrow in his upper right calf, whilst the physician removes itโ€ฆ byโ€ฆ yanking on it. *fumes* *one of Sicโ€™s no. 1 pet peeves*.
The only reason I can think of him just yanking it out, is if it were somehow lodged in the tibula, which honestly, would be kind of weird? And it didnโ€™t really look deep enough for that.
Which is to say, DONโ€™T JUST. PULL OUT ARROWS. Donโ€™t do this. Stop doing this. Please. You should cut it out, otherwise you will make the bleeding worse and tear the skin, slowing down healing.

> Yeon Ju is injured during the battle in his inner upper thigh, which is really not at all somewhere you want to get hit, and it looks quite deep. It probably would take a good week if not two weeks, in my guestimate, for that to fully close over properly, and in reality, he shouldnโ€™t be walking on it for a MINIMUM of a month, if not longer, lest he pull it open again, which given its location and his choice of hobbies lately, is probably quite likely. Did he get enough time for this to be enough healed? Ehhhhโ€ฆ

> Gil Chae rebandages Jang Hyunโ€™s arm wound, which she says has got โ€œinfectedโ€ according to my subtitles. (I hope she put something antiseptic on it then as well, cos thatโ€™s Not Good)โ€ฆ alas we, have no corroboration of this).
This wound probably originally wasnโ€™t that bad, and was on his upper outer arm (FAR far better than your inner upper thigh), and it wouldโ€™ve healed better if you knowโ€ฆ he hadnโ€™t decided to be all in it for life with his actions and fight a battle to he doesnโ€™t care about just for a girl he wonโ€™t admit out loud heโ€™s that gone for.
Anyway, Gil Chae says it would need a month to fully rest. Whichโ€ฆ lol.


THEN we have the herb gathering scene and our entirely too thirsty for anyoneโ€™s health scene crossing the river.
They cross the river and a messenger arrives calling all able-bodied troops to arms
This is, as far as I can work out
> January the 6th 1637 –
JH leads the troops to a small victory against the Manchu at their death rite site.
Immediately afterwards they learn theyโ€™re cut off from provisions and reinforcements and the vanguard has been isolated. (See Map)
A title card flashes across the screen saying:


There is a clear time jump in here somehow, probably several, I just donโ€™t know how long, or when. But again, weโ€™ll get back to that.

JH is recruited to enter the palace with the Eunuch and YJ.
That same night, JH and co say goodbye to the women.

7th Jan โ€“ Jang Hyun and co enter Namhansanseong in the evening.
The girls flee to Ganghwa

– During the following day/s Joseon sends Oxen and Wine to the Manchu.*
(Sorry Kiara, I double checked this, this happens both before the Khan arrives, and before JH and RE make it to the Manchu camp.)

Full Moon โ€“ Jang Hyun and Ryang Eum enter the Manchu camp.
The women take the boat to Ganghwa
(10th Jan)

– End of Episode 5


Okay so this wouldโ€™ve been roughly accurate and make the most sense and I wouldโ€™ve been more than 50% happy HAD NOT THE QUARTER MOON THEY SEE BE THE WRONG WAY ROUND. AIYAAA.

If the moon they (OTP) saw after their fight flirting in the infirmary were a Waning Quarter, and their night on the mountain was around about the 19th, and there were only a day or two…[Read more]


    Waow, what a work!

    Personnaly, I’m not so surprised for the moon. It’s pretty important in the Korean culture. Their principal cultural events like Chuseok is about the moon.

    But it’s a nice touch from the writer and the director.


      Yes, and obviously the time of the invasion fell exactly over their Lunar New Year, so when they were looking up the history of the invasion, one would no doubt encounter it.

      I am just not used to people thinking about the logistics of their story and their worldbuilding to THAT extent haha. Most writers and pds do not.
      Even if it does hold cultural importance, to look at the moon that your story has as a background narrative device and go “yeah make sure the phases are correct enough also”, is going a step above and beyond imo lmao. A step I greatly appreciate.
      (and if those are shots of the real moon, even more so haha).

      Also fun fact- the Moon on the 10th was a Penumbral Eclipse, which I like to think you can tell in the relevant scenes, but I also might just be wishful thinking ๐Ÿ˜‰


      I agree. The phases of the moon are deeply integrated in most aspects of most eastern cultures. Most people I know will immediately know the moon phase on hearing a lunar date, so for example if a full moon is shown on screen and a wrong date is typed under it most will immediately notice.


    This is awesome! Thank you @sicarius!
    Iโ€™ve said this before, but this drama is worth the brain cells.


    I really loved this timeline, @sicarius! And the shoutout! If I had the time, Iโ€™d look up some case studies on pneumonia induced by smallpox and see if you can start coughing ip blood within a week of contracting the virus, depending on type of exposure. Blood in your eye and the infector being within centimeters of your face is probably as close of an exposure you can get without being directly infused with the stuff. Also, if the prodrome of smallpox can be just coughing and โ€”instead of fever, malaise, fatigue, and then the familiar hard modular rash filled with pus (yum) that actually starts in the mouth and spreads from there. And people usually know quickly if they have it due to the mouth sores.

    Anyway, if I had the time and not procrastinating writing a journal article and coming up with research ideas for my students. 😆


    Wow! Such a detailed analysis! Thank you @sicarius and @ally-le for this very useful information. I read the timeline of the invasion in English and another language, but the dates did not match. I am curious if the Manchus also used lunar calendar.


    This is fantastic @sicarius!

    I saved this read for a day when my brain is firing on all engines (which happens to be this morning) – and holy smokes, WOW what an analysis??!! 👏 🏆 This is incredible Sic! Thank you for mapping it out with such intricacy and sharing it with all of us!!

    Also mad respect to the team if this was intentional – this level of detail and attention is a testament to true and genuine dedication to the craft and the story, especially since it’s something that’s likely not going to be picked up by the average viewer. I love love LOVE details like these that just make the whole thing so cohesive ! I’m currently learning the ABCs of this time period and slowly starting to connect the bigger picture, so I’ll defs be coming back to look at your timeline here along with Kiara’s many times in the upcoming weeks.

    Also the injuries thing – yeah I was ? at some of those injuries and how people were walking it off (was I the only one paranoid about getting wounds infected and stuff?? esp post-torture), particularly given the recent episodes too. But beyond what’s medically impossible, sometimes you read those stories about people in history who’ve come out unscathed from pretty major injuries/illnesses that was otherwise killing of a large portion of the population and/or would’ve killed a normal person pretty easily – like honestly idk how Yeon-jun has managed to make it out ALIVE and in one full, healthy (?) piece after everything but I guess he’s just one lucky man (and lucky he had JH to cover him through a lot of it).


      Heyyy you got to it! I was waiting for you haha. Yay! Thank you! You’re welcome!
      Sometimes I just have these really time consuming itches that need scratched haha.

      Right? That’s what I thought. They really care about this story and everything in it.

      Well… other than the injury thing hahaha but that doesn’t come from a lack of care, but a lack of interest or priority I think lol.
      (Yes sometimes I don’t know how conservative to swing with my medical criticism, since humans are really quite amazing creatures and survive ridiculous things sometimes.)



I think I just found the BEST detail in My Dearest yet.
But I can\’t share till I\’ve triple confirmed it or I\’ll be too disappointed.

So I\’m vague posting my flailing instead adkfjhaldkjfha


@bbstl!!!!! Found it! #3 @ 32:00 for you~
My Dearest